Daily Blog August 26, 2021: Thursday busy

I managed as did Susie to sleep most of the night. The alarm at 6:30 did not seem that terrible. I got up and check my schedule, and rested until the last moment. I will admit that I was 5 minutes late, but that did not cause an issue. All clean and shiny with my camera on.

I continued to Zoom more meetings. I turned off the camera while I ate breakfast for the second status meeting. I managed to get through all the morning meetings.

Once free for a moment, I road Susie’s bike (adjusting the seat and remembering to put it back to the pencil mark I put it on for Susie when I was done). I am hoping some bike action might help my leg pain. Leta’s suggested it.

I ordered lunch from the local sushi bar called Sushi Zen (ten-minute walk) but had it delivered. The driver was laughing. Air Volvo is at the hanger getting updates, so I just ordered online, forgetting that Sushi Zen is a minute by car.

I was covering for some folks on vacation, and do I had a few crises of the moment to cover and one late at night. So it was actually a busy day for me.

I slipped out and took an Uber to get Air Volvo and pay almost 4x the original estimate that did not include new tires, brakes, and alignment. The Uber drive had me get in the back to protect her more. I was very supportive of her attempts to be safer.

Air Volvo is perfect again. The smell is of cleaner, and the shine is amazing. I saw my car salesman who sold me the last two cars; he suggested that next time I should just buy a new one instead of spending so much on fixes. Also, I had someone admire my 2018 XC60 and had I not left, I suspect my car salesman would have sold my car to the admirers of such a nice used car and got me a new one! Never stay too long in the Volvo Dealership if they know you.

A few more crises of the moment and a status meeting on Zoom to bring my workday to an end.

Susie decided I was tired and should not have to make dinner. So off to Nonna Emilia!

Like a Roman play, we first had a tragedy. Our favs, veal, is gone from the menu. But then, our waiter just says we can make what you want, and our veal is back. Yes, it was expensive, but it is why we come. Salad and bread and all the usual Italian traditions are followed. But one last failure could not be averted. There is no spumoni! Apparently, our waiter explained here in Beaverton, it is impossible to get. You on the east coast and in Europe enjoy your spumoni for us! So instead, we had ice cream very plain ice cream.

I am home and had to log on to the shoe company and help with a few issues. I am just now finishing up the blog and work. So bracket the time for the blog, and I am way over.

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