Daily Blog August 27, 2021: Friday Games

The morning started with me sleeping an extra hour and attending my first meeting with the camera off. I was not dressed and presentable until after 9ish.

When I worked for my old friend Aboo, he had us always do different things on Friday. So I try to keep to that spirit of not treating Friday as another day of the week but to try to do something different for the day. Thus today, I decided to dress later.

I had hours of status meetings in Zoom for the morning. The project is still running full-out and will consume yet another weekend. The holiday weekend is the first weekend officially a break for us.

I took Leta’s suggestion today and used Susie’s stationary bike to ride for ten minutes to help my leg cramps. I remembered to set the bike back to the pencil marks for Susie. Susie used the bike today without issue.

I ordered lunch from the La Provence at Orenco Station. They have wonderful, but not cheap food. I ordered two croissants for Susie and Corwin. I had their hash with poached eggs–wonderful.

I had more meetings, some crises of the moment, to cover various status and issues with data conversions. We are at the point of the project where folks panic. We had a bit of that today.

I continue to watch videos on how to play my newly received game from Kickstarter for lunch: Ankh. Unfortunately, I did not get to painting today as I was tired and received another game from Kickstarter. Grand Hotel Austria, Deluxe was delivered today. This includes the Let’s Waltz add-on and an upgrade kit for the base game to the Deluxe version.

This is mostly a component replacement for the original to finally use pictures of coffee, wine, cake, and strudel instead of the blocks that the game once game with. In addition, I have 3D-printed items that are even nicer than the ones supplied by the deluxe version.

The game is hard to learn and win, and it has you accepting only the best guests into your hotel; the game has you running an exclusive hotel. While their rooms are made ready, you supply the guests with the aforementioned treats. The imperial government is also making demands of you that will be costly if not fulfilled in time. But, you can hire staff to help. Need more cake, then maybe you can hire a pastry chef or a barista for that coffee you need. It is hectic in the hotel biz around the 1900s. Plus, there are unique goals assigned to each game that force you to many dizzying choices. You are manager, accountant, and concierge for a quick seven rounds.

I do like this game, but it is a hard game to learn. The flow is chaotic, which does not appeal to many gamers. I just like serving treats, I think.

I managed to upgrade my original game. Disappointingly, the new revision of the rules did come with the upgrade. I had to print a new set on my color printer.

I am happy to see that the new rules include more explanation of various cards. Previously, I had to find the explanations of various cards in English on the Internet; it is a German game also available in an English version. The new rules also have changed the setup pictures to match the new components. I was not sure how all the new items work, but the new rules cover them.

I just peeked at the Let’s Waltz add-on. I was surprised to see that there are stickers to make your own cards in the same art style. The heads are separate, so you can pick how you want to fix them up. Bernie Sander’s head, with a mask, is included to remember 2020! I will try to punch it and get it ready when I am not rushed. I really like the theme and style of this wacky Euro-styled and want to enjoy unwrapping and enjoying the new material. I also might have to make that masked Bernie card! It also has a robot mode now for solo-play called “Dinner for One.” Oh my! Did I mention that the champaign is added as another treat!

I have three new games now from Kickstarter, and all are new in design and colorful.

I consider myself blessed with riches. I have so much fun I can’t even get to all of it.

Turning to the reports, the news in Oregon is grim. The National Guard is helping the hospitals now. We are not yet turning away people. Delta is exploding and killing folks. The smoke is in the east. Our skies are cloudy, with no smoke, as our weather returns to our rainy fall. It rained yesterday!

Oddly, our economics are great, and the state will be returning the most it has ever paid back to the people next year. If the Oregon state income is above the budget by 2%, then the state pays the money back. It is another unique Oregon thing.

My five-week sabbatical starts in five weeks.

I hope you have found this a good read today. Thanks for reading.

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