Weekend Blog: August 29, 2021: Working weekend

Saturday started with me oversleeping and missing the first Zoom meeting at 8. However, I did manage to make the 8:30 status meeting and to read the emails and Slack messages so that I was up-to-date. I then watched the email and chatted, by Slack, with some of my coworkers.

I managed to get going, and Evan came over, and we headed out for Mexican food and then to The 649 Taproom to play the new board game Ankh.

Evan managed to win our one learning game that we managed. I am usually unhappy with a new game, and my first impression was not good for Ankh. It seemed a bit shallow, and many of the pieces are used once or not at all. Evan learned the game quickly, and the rules are clear to me, and we only had to look in the manual once.

The game is colorful, and the play was interesting. I need to play it a few more times to decide what I think.

I had to do another status meeting. I did that on the iPhone in the car in the parking lot. We then drove and picked up Susie, and Mariah decided to meet us again at The 649.

Susie had never been there before. She had her fav drink, Southern Comfort Manhattan on the rocks with two cherries, and we tried some of their unique drinks. I had a wickedly spicy Moscow Mule. Evan and Mariah tried some other great drinks. Susie ordered a grilled cheese. Mariah and I split a salad and a Cubano sandwich. Evan went with the beef sandwich. No complaints and I thought the Cubano was good.

We played Killer Bunnies, Susie’s fav. It is a cute game where you collect carrots to have a chance to win. Then, you place out your bunnies to be able to play cards. But everyone else tries to kill your bunnies. Such weapons as Jello or Nuke Weapons are available. It is very random, but fun and there is some thinking involved (not a lot). Somehow I managed to keep a bunny alive when the last of twelve characters were acquired ending the game. I managed to have the randomly selected carrot and won. First time I have won the game in a long time.

Susie and I returned home and watched the movie Cruella again on Disney+ for free. Evan and Mariah headed on their way.

Susie had some challenges that night, and I had to do some caregiving as we headed to bed. So I was a bit late to bed then for my 6:30 morning alarm.

Yes, I started at 6:30 with five hours of sleep. I also started some laundry when I went to sleep around 1ish. So I ran the two loads while getting started. I also did the dishes. Finally, I ordered bagels and one with salmon for me.

I was dressed and ready for the 8 defect call this Sunday. Clean and shiny with the camera on.

After getting a muffin, coffee, and water ready for Susie when she is up, I got in the car. I called into the meeting on my iPhone and listened to the status meeting. I had not done Zoom on an iPhone before. It worked.

It was strange to be driving through the Portland tunnel and listening to status. However, I did manage, safely, to answer a question. Finally, I got to Richard’s house in Portland, and there met our gaming friend Casey.

We played the long-playing three-person Through the Ages board game. I had just learned it last week. It was fun to play again, but I made mistakes and missed some opportunities that Richard snatched up. I had a hard stop at 2PM, and we reached that and surrendered to Richard’s overwhelming play. Next time!

I dropped off Casey at home and then drove over to South Park to meet Mariah. She was having a new bike worked on, and they were over their estimate. So we met and had a glass of wine and a few bites on the appetizer menu. I also slipped in a dessert for myself. We both, Mariah and I, had not been back to South Park in years. Only service outside and the menu was nothing a recognized. Fish cakes?! Tiny cheese plate?! But still, the wine was good, and the dessert was also good.

The bike was not ready. We headed home. It was still nice to get a glass of wine and snacks at South Park!

I drove home in Air Volvo to make the next 4:30 status meeting. After that, I took a break and then drove to McDonald’s to get dinner. Susie Happy Meal was without apples! We asked for apples. With a learning permit, Corwin piloted Air Volvo with me in the passenger seat to McDonald’s. He drove on TV Highway.

Funny, Corwin hit the trash barrel with the mirror at the house. No damage. I have done that before. The Volvo alarms exploded as the small thunk happened. Air Volvo will press the brake for you if you hit them straight on. Clipping the mirror gets a lot of noise.

Susie and I are now watching PBS Wicked in Concert (with too many pledge week messages).

I am tired and it is late. I hope you like the story.

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