Weekday Blog August 30, 2021: Working Monday

The day started at 6:30, with me waking just before my alarm. I then managed to log on to my work computer and prepare for the day. I made a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee. Then, off to get ready.

I was few minutes late for the start of status meetings at 8, but I was at least all clean and shiny with the camera on. Zoom meetings went on for hours. I was frustrated as many issues and discussions were repeats of the weekend I just worked. I had to write an email explaining one issue that really made me unhappy.

Mariah texted me and had something to distract me. She needs me to drive with her to Portland to fit her newly assembled bike in Air Volvo and deliver it to her home in Forest Grove. So about 10ish, we were off to Portland.

I am always amazed at how much I love Portland when I drive into the city. Despite reports by Fox News and others of its total destruction, it is a lovely place still. We had enough traffic to remind us how nice it was to get there in just a few minutes.

We put the newly assembled by official and warranty-approved assemblers bike in Air Volvo. Then, despite the pull of Portland to stay and have a strange donut or something veggie, we turned right around and drove back to Beaverton and Aloha, Oregon. No traffic in the opposite direction, and soon we were back.

Gyro House was our next stop near the Volvo Cave (home). We enjoyed lunch there, and then we headed to Forest Grove. Mariah there took possession of the newest bike in Forest Grove and I returned home.

Susie gets going and has breakfast of Eggo waffles with peanut butter with coffee.

I managed to be on time for the next meetings. More status and alignment meetings. I also had a few emails and reviewed a design of some software, and commented on it.

I then rested for a bit; I am still tired from the short night. Working two weekends in a row is not helping. I also did a lot on the weekend and could use a weekend from my weekend!

After a few more hours of Zoom meetings, Slack messages, and emails, the day finally closed.

My neighbor Kathy needed some help. I drove Air Volvo and jump-started a car for her. Unfortunately, they did not have jumper cables. I keep a set in the replacement tire well in the back of Air Volvo. I had not done this with this car before, so I got out the car manual and found the hood release. I was surprised by how intimidating the motor looks with a big black piece bolted down on it.

The battery for newer Volvos is in the back. You have a special pin in the engine to jump the car. I had to locate them. A red plastic cover identifies the positive post, and a note next to the negative is stamped in the metal. I am cautious connecting everything, and we managed to start the other car and charge it without incident. Mission completed.

I order too much Chinese food from GrubHub. I will have lunch for a few days! I was tired and hungry when I ordered.

Susie and I watch the news together and eat Chinese food. The news is painful today. 10,000 people in Tokyo have no hospital bed. The covid-19 delta variant is crushing them. We in Oregon still have services still running with the help of the National Guard. You can still get a hospital bed and ICUs while precious are still available. We have plenty of ventilators, I read somewhere.

Thank you for reading. I was too tired and disorganized to play Roll20 today.

I went back to picking music out when thinking of all the people in Tokyo: On Eagles Wings.


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