Weekday Blog August 31, 2021: Tuesday

The day started just after 6:30, and I read emails and had breakfast. My meds require me to eat, so I usually have breakfast early while reading and starting my day.

I was ready in time, shiny and bright, for all the status meetings starting at 8. Hours of Zoom meetings. I also had some alignment meetings, so the whole morning was Zoom meetings.

I had no break for exercising this morning. I did walk around the house when I had a moment between meetings. I looked at the fence and enjoyed my little piece of Oregon I hold in stewardship. I noticed that the old fence that the ants had eaten the pine support boards, and one was now broken. The planking is old cedar and, while worn, is still strong. I will replace the board this weekend and screw it in. I will be doing it from the back, so I need to get screws just the right depth.

I have two climbing roses, bare roots, coming from David Austin’s website this spring 2022. I have never had a climber, and I thought some more pink roses would be nice. I have mostly darker shades.

I was looking at the fences to decide also where I want the roses. I am thinking of the newer fence to add a trellis for climbing. But I can now see the old fence and am tempted to put them there. Some of the posts would do well for the roses to climb.

Lunch was reheated Chinese-style soup from yesterday’s order. It was still great.

I then continued on with few crises of the moment and more Zoom meetings. Alignment meetings and a few status meetings. One left me a bit unhappy, but it is best to not share details here. My sabbatical starts in October. I will be happy for the break.

Susie was up and dressed in the afternoon, and I made her again Eggo Waffles with peanut butter for breakfast/lunch. Unfortunately, I heard there is a shortage of Eggos, so these could be the last Eggos in Paradise.

I was happy when the last meeting was completed at 5PM.

I fried frozen hamburger patties in a frying pan, adding a slice of cheddar to make cheese burgers with no buns. I opened a can of Bush beans and peaches to go with it. Susie had 1 and 1/2 patties and enjoyed all the sides. So today I was cheap eating what we have.

On another subject, my 401K is approaching an annualized return rate of 13%. That is more than I expected in such a strange year. Nike stock is backing off its $177 high and has lost ten bucks in the last two weeks. Nevertheless, I still believe in the positive growth of the market and the economy.

Concluding, I was tired and rested a few times. I am drained today. Sorry, it was not a very interesting day to share.

I went back to picking hymns again. I like this version of For the Healing of the Nations.

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