Weekday Blog September 1, 2021: Wednesday with Trip Planning

Today started with me resting just a few extra minutes as I had a 7:30 meeting that I was dressed and cleaned up for. I was on time and ready. This was then followed by two additional hours of meetings with a short break and back to more meetings.

I managed to read emails, read and respond to the Slack channel texts, and listen and respond to the meetings all morning. I had to slip my breakfast and meds in a while listening. I have to take food with my pills.

Susie headed out to her spa day with Zeriada today. Usually, this is a Monday thing, but it was delayed this week. Folks saw me rushing around on camera. I forgot to turn it off.

I then had a short break and started on a trip for my sabbatical in October. It is only $216 to fly non-stop to New York City (Newark). So Susie, Mariah (a friend), and I will be headed to NYC on October 6 (red-eye) and staying for about a week until October 12th. The hotel near the garment district was more than the flight! Tickets for the Met have already been purchased. I will fill up other days with more adventures.

That was a nice distraction from work and other issues. It is funny how a little trip can really change your mood.

I had lunch from leftover Chinese Food from a few nights ago. Susie picked up her fav of a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal with apple slices and an apple pie.

More meetings and some frustration as grandstanding and enrolling and to listen to on Zoom. I tried to help. I was happy to get it over. I did spend time while listening looking at Broadway Shows. I was sad that the Phantom of the Opera has yet to reopen. Looks like Chicago or Moulin Rouge or Wicked are likely what is available and not insanely expensive (Hamilton). Vaccination cards are likely required. We got ’em.

I was tired again today. I did not manage to do more than work and daydream about things to do in New York City today.

Dinner was New York Strips (Schwann’s) with potatoes and green beans (from Schwann’s).

Sorry, it was not a very interesting day. I was tired, and it is good to have a normal day in a pandemic. I hope you enjoyed following along.

I opened the Methodist Hymnal and turned to His Name Is Wonderful.

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