Weekly Blog September 2, 2021: Thursday Close Covid

The day started with me slipping a short nap after waking at 6:30 and seeing that I had no pressing items until 8. So, I was ready for the first meetings. I did read most of the email and Slack messages while listening. During the Zoom meeting, I was a bit direct with some folks. The details don’t belong here. Later today, we got an email from the senior team clearing this weekend as promised.

So after that political moment, I spent the rest of the morning in status meetings and alignment meetings to prepare for next week’s data conversions. I ordered lunch from the local Mexican place. I have to admit I barely tasted it. It was a strange and busy morning.

The afternoon was filled with more strange distracting moments. I stepped outside for a moment as it was a hot sunny (the 80s) clear day with no smoke. I saw my neighbor outside; I had not seen him for a bit, so I walked over. He looked terrible and told me not to approach.

He told me he has Covid-19 and gave it to his little daughter. His wife was well as she was vaccinated. His daughter and wife stayed with family while he fought Covid-19 mostly alone. He explained they isolated their daughter with her mother caring for her for two weeks; she was not seriously ill. Despite the fact he refused the vaccine, my heart still went out to him. Suffering and suffering alone and making your daughter ill–the worst. I wished him the best, and he assured me he was recovering and seemed to avoided Long Covid. As he has active Covid-19, likely Delta, there is very little I can do for him, but I will try to check on him.

The rest of the work at the shoe company paled to that problem. However, I did have hours more status and alignment meetings. I was done about 5ish.

Susie and I drove to meet Mariah at Golden Valley Brewery (GVB). We were early, so we stopped at Barnes and Noble Books. Unfortunately, they are closing the store. The next-door Office Depot is also closing, suggesting the owners are breaking or not renewing leases. I am very sad to lose our last chain bookstore in the area. We still have Powell’s and some local stores, but it seems strange to lose the chain store.

It was a short drive to the GVB, and Mariah met us there, and we had drinks, dinner, and even dessert. We discussed our trip to New York City coming up next month. Mariah has the NYC travel book I picked up at Barnes and Noble.

Everyone was careful in the GVB and masked. I saw an old friend, Fergus, at the GVB, and he said nice things about me being the reason SAP works at Nike. He is too kind. It was good to see him.

We drove home as the sunset was now at 8ish, clearly showing that fall is here. As usual, it was a sight to see the sun behind the Coastal Mountains. The yellows and bright colors in the sunset without the reds of smoke are always welcome now.

Thank you for reading. Please be safe out there!

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