Weekday Blog September 3, 2021: Friday with Surgery

This morning started with me sleeping in a bit until 7ish. I then got up and logged on to the shoe company laptop and put up my out-of-office for just today. Even on my day off, I am on call for some items and covering a bit in the afternoon. I am always available.

I got Susie going, and we both had toast with peanut butter for breakfast. We then headed early to her Mohs surgery appointment in Portland with Dr. Allan. A brilliant microsurgeon that leaves only tiny marks and never threatens a nerve. We have done this many times. While traveling, the office called us and said they could take us early, so it worked that we left early.

To my surprise, the restrictions are relaxed, and I can stay with Susie and in the waiting room. So often I am waiting in the car until they call me. So it was a nice surprise to wait in the office. Of course, there were masks and face shields (both!) and social distancing. I felt safe there.

While waiting, I started a 500 word or less horror story based on the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. I have until Monday to enter the contest and possibly be published in a small pamphlet at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival next month. The winning story will be celebrated by a dramatic reading. I have my 496 words started in the waiting room.

Susie was happy that the tiny spot on her chin required no more than one treatment. The margins are clear in the first excise, and so we were home by noonish.

We stopped by and got Susie her fav of a Happy Meal with Apples. I had dad Wild’s fav of two cheeseburgers. I always think of him when I order it.

I completed the 500-word story while Susie rested. I have to admit I was exhausted by the week and the stress of supporting Susie. Caregiving comes with its own stress. So I took a couple of naps. I have the story almost polished. I will look again at it on Saturday to see what I missed and then submit it.

I have also thought of a second story that I might write. It is based on something Corwin said while I drove him to work. You have a tendency to drive where you are looking. We will see how it works out. 500 words story is concise.

I am finishing the fantastic book The Bookseller of Florance by Ross King. It is an expensive hardcover at $30, but the footnotes are easy to read in the physical format. If you love history and books, this is a great book. I did not know that the roman type is designed to match the Floranice antique writing style. That uppercase and lowercase letter words refer to the box used for typesetting. Ross King tells all this history in a narration centered on one bookseller. It is enjoyable and recommended.

I am still fatigued and will stop here. I hope you like the story for today.


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