Weekday Blog Labor Day 2021

Just a short note on this Labor Day. I started by getting started at 7:30 and making breakfast. I put in the French Toast Casserole I made the night before and baked some sausage links to go with it. I was going slow.

Last night, Susie fell while I had taken Corwin to a late movie, and we were contacted by Emergency Services and rushed home. Susie was unhurt but could not get back up. It was a scare for me. Sleep was hard to find and to keep.

So I was tired and trying to just find my way. When Susie got going later, I got her some breakfast, and she liked it.

I was checking Nike and saw that the data conversions had no issues this Monday. It is not a holiday in India.

Dan Gray stopped by, and I gave him the camera I bought for the church. We decided against using it before, but there are more pressing needs now. Thus a very nice stand-alone security camera is now needed. I also handed over the last two hardcovers I have read on the history of the cold war and manuscript and book production in Florance in the 1400s. Both are excellent books (the books are mentioned in the previous blogs; I have to repeat things). I sent a sample of the French Toast Casserole with Dan for him and Janice to try. We might think to service this the next time we make breakfast for the whole church. Lastly, Dan took the new Pride flag and pole with him. This is the newest version that is more inclusive.

We then went for a drive in Air Volvo. It was nice to spend some time driving around Beaverton and just chatting and enjoying a sunny day without smoke. We had a nice day of it.

Mariah called, and I was surprised to learn that the restaurant Stanford’s had finally reopened. The owning company had collapsed even before the pandemic, and the name and place were sold and reopened while keeping the name Stanford’s. But, the pandemic delayed the reopening. So, I did not know that it finally reopened.

We met Mariah in the bar, and we learned that Labor Day does not have a Happy Hour. We had dinner, and it was expensive, even for Beaverton. The food was good and familiar.

Susie and I took Air Volvo home. I rested and did the laundry.

Sorry, it is not a very exciting Labor Day. Thanks for reading.

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