Weekday Blog September 7, 2021

The day started with the alarm unwelcomed at 6:30. I was up and going non-stop from there until almost lunchtime. After that, status and staff Zoom meetings started and went on for the first three hours with a few breaks. Between I was reading emails and trying to catch up. It was quiet during the holiday, so everyone wanted something now.

I managed to get Susie out to Zeriada by 9ish. Her appointment moved to Tuesday due to the holiday.

I continued on with the appointments and also filled out online medical surveys and scanned medical cards and like. I have a video appointment on Friday, and I wanted all the online stuff done. My doc wants me to get some tests done, but I first have to have a screening. So we wait.

I ordered Sushi for lunch again, forgetting that the Sushi place is a ten-minute walk away. The Grubhub driver laughed when I said thank you. I get the Smoked Philly Roll and the more traditional Spicy Tuna Roll. I order enough for two, and Corwin is grateful for the lunch.

To add to that chaos of the morning, I also received my replacement iPhone. I am going from an 8 to a 12. I wait until the upgrade is free and Nike asks me to upgrade. So I am also trying to set up my iPhone. While going to meetings.

I was late for one meeting; the new iPhone calendar was not up-to-date yet. Oops. I managed ok.

In the next meeting, I was not very happy with people. As a team player, I had to then listen to them. I was not happy.

I had a few more meetings and tried to find my calm. I managed it.

I took a nap right at 5 when I was done with the Shoe Company for today. Although I did check in a few times; no more meetings tonight.

When I had a short break, I noted that my 401K is over a 12% annualized return in this crazy year. This is the third year of 10%+ returns.

Once a bit rested and even calmer, I turned on the grill and made grilled hotdogs and toasted some buns. I have to admit I had four! I had a light breakfast and lunch, and I was hungry. So I cut up some onion and put just yellow mustard on the dogs. My fav. Susie liked them, just the dogs, no bun. We had canned peaches with it.

Finally, my iPhone is working, and I have figured out most of the changes.

I am traveling with Susie and Mariah to NYC in October, and I ordered the Modern Museum of Art tickets. I use Tripit and put all the info in there. It is pleasant to key in all the info and to see it all organized into a plan. It automatically updates by forwarding emails on flights and hotels, making it a handy tool. Unfortunately, events are not updated easily yet–manual.

Well, I am still trying to not focus on work and rest a bit. I still tire easily.

Be well, and I am again sorry it is not an interesting story for today. Just work.

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