Weekday Blog September 8, 2021: Another Wednesday

I just finished dinner. I made fried hamburgers with a loaded baked potato (well, microwaved) with canned peaches. Sour cream, butter, and even cheese for the potato–my fav. I watched the Star Trek 2 movie while cleaning and cooking. This is the new version. I made fresh coffee to enjoy and brought the sense of control I had back into my life. Cooking and cleaning the kitchen before I start cooking always bring calm back to me.

Going backward, I was exhausted by frustration and staying up late to follow along with the data conversions. I fell asleep at 5ish and could have slept forever. I woke past 6:15 and got going again, making coffee, and made dinner.

Before that, I had Zoom meetings on and off all afternoon and followed along with all the events happening. After my experience in the morning, I was still frustrated. So I made chocolate chip cookies. I had put out the butter soften yesterday. So I baked the angry out and broke a rule. I had cookies!

One of the advantages of working from home, you can bake while listening to the endless Zoom meetings. Yes, the camera was off, and I did this between meetings, mostly.

Still going backward, nobody was up for lunch, and I had more Zoom meetings over lunch. So I ordered Pho from the local Vietnam place. Soup fits the tired feelings and frustration.

I also watched more of the Nerd of the Rings videos once the meetings stopped and could take a lunch break and eat my soup. These videos are wonderful part of a channel on Youtube. Patreon is funding Nerd of the Rings–so many wonderful things are coming from Patreon–and if you need your LOTR fix, this has everything you need.

The morning started as usual with status meetings with no real breaks as I had a few crises of the moment to handle.

I forgot to put on my alarm and overslept to 7:40 and was missed my first meeting. Nobody noticed as there were no issues for me in the meeting.

The day was bright with clear skies again. It was a hot, dry day. I walked about side a few times when I could not take the emails, Slack messages, and endless talk.

Susie had trouble sleeping last night and was up and down all night. My sleep was limited.

I will stop there as it is already late. Thanks for reading, and I try not to name the cause of my frustration because it is not fair to people. Please be safe.

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