Weekly Blog: Thursday

This morning started a bit late with me stealing 30 minutes of sleep and getting going at 7ish. The meeting started with endless Zoom calls on status and alignment. I just sat through most of them as others could answer the questions. It was a busy morning of reading emails, reading Slack channel updates, and keep track of the goings-on of the data conversions.

Lunch was driving to the Golden Valley Brewery and meeting Madhular from Wipro and Michael G for lunch. It was my first biz lunch in 16 months!

We talked about work mostly and about how the project was going. We did get a few comments about gold, running, and traveling in. It was a typical catch-up biz lunch. We will have another lunch soon. Not wait another 16 months!

I rushed back using Air Volvo and had three hours of Zoom meetings. The afternoon was full of surprises (none I can write about) and frustration, best forgotten. It turned out to be a better day than I expected as the surprises were all nice. The workday ended after 5PM. I did follow along on Slack.

I ordered a take-an-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s for dinner with a chicken caesar salad using the app. I got there, and they had a crowd, at least masked and sort of socially distanced, and my order which was supposed to be done, was not even started.

I told them to not hurry, but they did, and I had my pizza and salad soon. I stood outside to avoid the crowding inside, and they brought it out for me. I was just polite and with a friendly smile.

Tonight was Theology Pub on Zoom. Susie watched the first NFL game tonight. I managed to catch the start and the ending of the game. It was a close and amazing good game.

We talked about how the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, would see the problems of today. We would expect he would suggest only do good and help people. That grace would be obvious, and helping people is the most important thing to do. Wesley would expect people to not state ideology but to work with the poor and the sick.

Sorry for the short story. It is what happened today. I am tired again tonight.

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