Blog catchup Sept 9-13: A Break to Write

It has been a complex weekend with me working 7/24 and the exhaustion forcing me to rest. So I had to give something up. The blog just could not get done this weekend.

It is now Monday, and I will cover the things I remember from this weekend.

Starting on Friday, it started early like most Fridays. I do not dress until later morning on Fridays now. I have the camera off for the mornings! I did all the status meetings. We are running the transactional data conversions practices over the weekend. Yes, my weekend is working a 7/24 schedule, grabbing rest when I can.

I turned down playing games this weekend with Richard and Kathleen and Evan.

Back to Friday, I also had a video meeting with a new doctor. It took me a month to get the introductory appointment. Details do not belong in a blog, but I will say I have an appointment during my sabbatical that involves drinking 4L of salty lemon-flavored liquid. I suggested mixing it with high-proof clear liquids, but I was informed that it would be better to use water. I was not sure after hearing what the procedure involves that being sober is good.

The rest of Friday afternoon online was my watching things run and chatting online.

Mariah, Susie, and I met at The 649 Taproom for dinner and had very nice mixed drinks. It was great for Susie to get out. Everyone is masked and very careful. The customers and the staff are very supportive of Susie and her walker. We had a nice time, and I got some nice pics.

We all headed home. I was resting at 10PM when I saw on my phone that I had a meeting. Things broke.

After hours and hours of discussion and work from teams all over the earth, we were able, very slowly, able to continue our data conversions. I was up to 2:30 Saturday morning.

I managed to crawl out of bed at 8ish, make the 8:30 meeting, and start working with the teams on multiple problems. All day I was online and working. I can’t share the details here. I had a few breaks but worked until 11:30PM.

I got Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner delivered for us as I was too busy and tired to cook.

Sunday, I started again at 8:30. I had managed more sleep, so it was not a difficult start. Again, the whole day was working on data conversions. Status meetings and some resolution and alignment meetings.

I also did laundry and dishes.

I ordered breakfast from Tom’s Pancake House. Susie had her fav of a scrambled egg with cheddar cheese and various sides. I ordered hash that was so sweat flavored it was almost a dessert. Last time for that from Tom’s.

I ordered Red Robin burgers for dinner. These were perfect. I never got outside on Sunday. I managed to stop about 10ish and got more sleep.

Today, Monday, was a more normal day. I was dressed and ready for the 8AM meeting. I started at 6:30, reading emails and getting caught up. India and Europe had been busy fixing the shoe company’s software.

More status meetings and a few alignment meetings. I also had a crisis of the moment. So I was busy until 10ish.

More tests. I drove Air Volvo to the lab to have more medical tests, stopped by a few places to get some painting (Blick’s) and reading supplies (Powell’s), and then lunch at Pastini in Cedar Hills Mall. The food was better this time. Last time it was just average, but this time the food was a step above and good. No wine but iced tea. I brought Susie back a tiramisu for later.

One of the magnolia trees at the mall had one last late bloom.

Returning home by Air Volvo, back to work, and still online, watching and helping where I can.

More meetings and soon the normal end-of-day, 5PM. Data conversions will run all night. India will take over in their morning.

I make pasta sauce from a jar (Paul Newman’s Sockarooni), orecchiette pasta, with hamburger fried until just browning. It was a bit plain, but I did have a few bowls.

The ants are back in the kitchen. I found them raiding my cheese for the pasta. One little ant was carrying away a piece of expensive cheese. I am afraid I moved the cheese and committed insecticide. I can’t believe they are back again!

The weather today was cold, 49F when I started, and cloudy in the morning. It was a wonderful sunny day at the end of the day. No smoke. The rains return at the end of the week. All of us Oregon-based folks can’t wait for the gray days of rain.

Thanks for reading and I am sorry if it seems more like a crazed outline than a blog. But that is what it was like! I will try not to miss again.




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