Weekly Blog September 14, 2021: Tuesday Working

The day started at 6:30 with me reading email and Slack messages to get caught up on what happened overnight. I then got dressed and was ready for the first meeting at 8AM, all clean and shiny. We had hours of status meetings. We then had a workshop that went for more hours as we looked into various issues and plans.

The front door nob is not working and needs some maintenance. You can’t have a door you can’t open, especially if it is the front door. While the workshop was happening, I grabbed a screwdriver and some WD-40 and fixed the problem. I did not want a chance that the door would not open if Susie needed help. Fixed! I could listen while working on the door.

Next, I watched and talked about a demo of some exotic fix code that the shoe company wrote to handle issues that the vendor could not fix yet. I ordered Mexican Food delivered while the demo was performed and discussed. It was a success.

Susie got going a bit later, and I made her fav of Eggo Waffles with peanut butter.

We had update meetings all afternoon on plans for data conversions. We had to wait for certain events. Thus every hour, we had a meeting.

Finally, the last status meeting. More planning. Then Susie and I take off in Air Volvo to Wild Buffalo Wings (WBW). Mariah can’t make it; just the two of us.

They have Belgium beer on tap, Duvel. Susie has Mexican Beer. I order wings on special on Tuesday, and Susie orders a happy hour cheeseburger. We were surprised when told that someone bought our dinner and drinks. A nice surprise. I do order a coffee that I pay for myself as I am back to work after dinner.

WBW has careful use of masks, and cleaning is more than just a wipe. They really clean the tables. Masks go on the moment someone stands at a table. The staff and the customers all make me feel safe.

I take Air Volvo home. It is a wonderful bright sunset as we drive home. But, soon it will be gray and rainy. We miss the rain!

When home, I keep following along on my Nike laptop and iPhone while also reading a bit. I read for 15 minutes and then checked my phone. So far, I am not needed. I will stop at about 11ish tonight. India is already awake and helping.

It was a nice surprise that someone in WBW picked up our tab.

Turning to my reading, I am now reading a newish Star Wars book. I bought it the old-fashioned way at Powell’s and have a physical paperback. So strange now reading a new paperback after buying only hardback history books and kindle fiction. More on it in another blog.

I am at my time limit. I hope this is more than just a crazy outline. Thank you for reading!

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