Daily Blog Catch-up September 16-17: More Late Nights

So it has been a few days. Again, I am tired from my illness (I am improving slowly) and the 14-18 hours workdays for the shoe company. Last night I was too tired to cover the day.

Thursday started early with me up and ready for the meetings that were endless Zoom-ing, or so they felt. I was frustrated as we continued to have issues running our processes because others were not prepared for the volume of data and the speed and accuracy requirements. I cannot dwell on much of that here.

I would love to write the remarkable visions of the near shouting I had, but it is best not to cover that in a blog. It is unfair to make fun of people who cannot answer the charges here. But, it is tempting. I have new ideas for Howard’s stories and new models of villains to harvest. Thusly, I may yet profit from all the mind-destroying frustrating adventures of the last few days.

Mariah joined us , skipping to the evening on Thursday, and we enjoyed Thursday Night Football. We had the dinner box from Pizza Hut Delivered with Diet Pepsi. After opening one bottle that should have been opened half a decade ago, we found some drinkable wine, and all then switched to Diet Pepsi. There is lots of caffeine in Diet Pepsi, so we enjoyed the game wide awake. Washington DC against NY Giants, with Washington pulling it out at the end. The NY Giants played better, but Washington found their mojo a few times and kept the score matching–they got a field goal in with no time left to win.

It was a lovely night. I did keep up with the shoe company on my iPhone and checked online here and there.

Friday started early again, hoping to join a user group meeting instead of status meetings, but when I read the emails and messages in Slack, I had to do the status meetings. The same frustrating issues returned, and I calmly asked questions to try to understand the problems.

It is Friday; I had lunch with Udaya at Golden Valley Brewery. I had not seen him in 15 months, and it was nice to see each other and just chat.

I returned home by Air Volvo and was called by Zerida, and she suggested that she could cut my hair now. So I got back in the car and got my hair returned to my short, neat look.

The traffic back was terrible, and Corwin had to find a ride to work–I usually drive him to work around 2:45. Also, my boss called a meeting to discuss our issues. I managed to connect my iPhone to the discussion on my third try. Finally, I finished the session sitting in the Air Volvo pilot seat in the driveway at the Volvo Cave (home).

One more Zooming status meeting and I am tired. The health issues tire me out. I rest for an hour and then find the newly acquired and recommended Schwann’s Italian Chicken Cutlets. I bake them in the oven while I heat some Alfredo Sauce from a jar. I make angel hair pasta to go with it. Susie wanted seconds, so it must have worked.

I am sleepy and the data conversions were completed tonight. No serious work, I hope, over the weekend. I will just watch and try to be a tourist.

I found a new video by the Russian Christian singer that I often add to the blog. I hope you enjoyed the writing today and this music:

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