More Catch Up Blog: Weekend and Monday

Today started with a power failure at 3ish and went on to 10:15ish. This made the morning extra chaotic. On Mondays, I have to get Susie going in a cold unlighted house. It is still close enough to summer that the light is still bright. I also keep a super bright flashlight next to the bed–I could find my way with that to the darker parts of the house. Susie managed to get dressed, but she was quite confused by the cold, the lack of light, and me not dressed. We got Susie out with her driver at 9ish.

I managed to get my iPhone to work for the second status and an alignment meeting. We also had another alignment meeting at 10ish. Next, the power started about this time. After the meeting, I reset the clocks and took a shower in a lighted bathroom with hot water (there was likely hot water before, but the control for the water natural gas water heater is electric).

Getting caught up on email and text messages and Slack messages, I was ready to head to Portland. I drove Air Volvo to get a burger at Burger King with cheese. From there, I put on the Nav to the address of my new doc.

No details here, but I have a few old health issues, and we discussed solutions. More tests will follow to validate the information we have.

Before the doc, I had an hour to kill; I never trust traffic to Portland when it takes nearly two months to get a doc appointment. I have missed one once. So instead, I got to spend an hour walking and stopping by Starbucks for coffee and some banana nut bread.

I had forgotten about one of our Eastern-style food places. Belly dancing (masked) every night. Something I will have to try soon. Marrakesh is at the corner in the photo.

Back to work and then a bit of rest. I am fatigued from the chaos of the power loss and getting Susie out the door.  I also walked a mile or more in Portland to just release the stress.

Susie is white-faced and had some. I had some caregiving this late afternoon. Susie was too weak to get out of bed. I got her up, and she managed to get going again. I got her some cookies, I got three types she likes on Sunday, and she started to look better.

I make dinner of pan-fried burgers with cheese. Corn from Schwann’s. I microwave some potatoes and dress them up with sour cream and butter. It was a hit with Susie. Her color was back, and she was happy again.

Now moving backward to Sunday, I was feeling all the hours I have worked on Sunday. I was on the 8 and 8:30 calls. Nothing for me to do.

I got going slow. I did do a Zoom meeting with Church folks. I saw I was dressed and, while late, I managed to connect. It was pleasant to see some folks and chat a bit.

I picked up some drinks from Safeway for Dungeons and Dragons at 5:30 and the cookies mentioned above for Susie. I also fixed the entranceway light. After years and years, it finally burned out. It was a fluorescent bulb, which was the most high-tech bulb available last time I replaced it. This time it is LED. The fixture is waterproof and requires a ladder and work to open. The wind blows water into our house’s entranceway in the wettest winter. Having an electrical fire in the entrance of our home is silly, so I put a waterproof light fixture in years ago. I put a long-life bulb in as it is no fun to replace.

I also collected some lovely paperbacks I had read and exchanged them at Jan’s Book Exchange. I have been going there for a long time and Jan, who was running the store this Sunday, remembered me. I try to bring in any SciFi I finish as Jan can never keep SciFi in stock.

It was pouring rain often on Sunday, and it made all of us in Oregon happy to see the rain and just a tiny bit sad as we know summer is over now.

I picked up Susie’s fav Happy Meal for dinner. After that, I had the 4:30 status meeting at the shoe company.

I headed with Corwin to play Dungeons and Dragons 5E at Cory’s house. Our newly minted 8th level characters. We were hard-pressed a few times as we fought Mad Max-style in our Hell Warmachines. As a writer of Dungeons and Dragons adventures, Chain Devils are a difficult challenge and used with care, and they are even more interesting in this Thunderdome-like setting. I enjoyed the Warmachine battles again.

We also had a dungeon crawl, and that was a bit more predictable. Undead and more undead. So far, we survived our new level, and I did run my wizard almost out of spells.

Moving back to Saturday, more meetings again at 8ish and getting going again. I started some laundry and did the dishes. Evan and I communicated, and Susie was going early on Saturday. So we all met at the house and then left for the Mexican place across from The 649 Taphouse. We brought a few games.

Lunch was excellent, with Susie and Evan having drinks. I had my usual Soup and a taco. Evan and I shared a flan while Susie finished up. We then headed across the street to The 649.

I got a light-ish beer, and we played Vindication. The game was long, and I managed to pull ahead of Evan and stay there. I remember this time to upgrade my speed and to Vindicate my characters early. The speed upgrade and your character being Vindicated give you more options, and I used them. Every time I lose big, I am late in getting Vindicated and slow.

I talked Evan into trying a new game based on the movie Jaws. Jaws the Board Game has one player as the shark while the other player(s) playing Quint, Brody, and Hooper–the guys on the boat in the final battle with the shark. The game has, like the movie, an exploit and prevention act and the last act on the Orca. The first act has the human players trying to save people by closing beaches and pulling people out of the water. The board is a map of Amity. The shark simply munches and tries to hide. Quint has “barrels” like in the movie, and if two are attached to the shark, the last act begins.

The shark gets more shark powers for each victim and reduces the equipment available to the humans. Thus the shark is exploiting while the humans are preventing shark attacks. The final battle is played on the other side of the board once the humans finally get two barrels on the shark.

Next, the shark attacks the Orca, and when the crew, Brody, Quint, and Hooper, are in the water, they are munched. This happens as the shark quickly destroys parts of the Orca. The OK Orca is cardboard pieces that are flipped over if just damaged or removed when destroyed and turned into water (yikes!). In the game, the humans try to guess which of the three possible attacks the shark will make (from a deck of cards) and hurt the shark. The shark player wins by destroying the Orca or eating all the humans. The humans have to get through all the hit points of the shark to kill it and win (survive).

Evan, new to the game, got stuck with two barrels real fast. We switched board sides, and Evan’s shark just destroyed all but one tiny piece of the boat. I lost Hooper to the shark. I managed to finally attach a flare to the shark, and that finished it. I had one hit point left on Quint and Broad, and one tiny bit of boat left.

Jaws the Board Game is repetitive and maybe too focused on the theme and less on making an exciting game. It is also complex enough that it is not a “beer-and-peanuts” game. However, I will have to play it again a few times as I have learned that I never like a new game. So I would not say not to dive into this game, but the play is not as sharp as I want. I will have to go back into the “water” to see.

We played a fast game of The Lost Ruins of Arnak. Susie was falling asleep at this time instead of reading her book. She had another drink at The 649. Evan just totally crushed me in the game. Revenge for the first two games, I think. We then got Susie home and to bed.

I watched the horrible show Svengoolie on Me-TV showing the old Dracula movie. Svengoolie had mixed in the music soundtrack from the French version, and that really improved the film. Of course, Svengoolie and all the commercials ruined any suspense in the movie. I still liked it.

I am over time, but here is the rose Mr. Lincoln producing a fall rose.

And my lawn service, usually cutting everything, left me some rose hips for the other bush. I like to see the rose hips in the winter. The red color reminds you of the flowers.

And the rosemary is blooming again. Always welcome in the dark raining day of Oregon’s fall!

I hope you enjoyed the long post. I know it is hard to read long summaries like this. I was just too tired on Sunday to write. Thanks for reading!

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