Weekly Blog: Tuesday with Doc

The morning started early with the alarm and me ignoring Tuesday until about seven. I then managed to find my computers and log on to the shoe company and my home accounts. Not much is happening at work overnight; that is, there was nothing I could do anything about happening.

Looking at some of my emails, there are notes that I am still bidding on an actual ticket to the 1893 Columbus Expo in Chicago. I read about the Expo and have the tour book published back in the 1890s. I might write a story about Howard touring the Expo one of these days. It was in this Expo when the Midway and Ferris Wheel were invented. It always helps to have a few items from the historical place when you are writing about it.

Continuing the story, the day follows with three hours of meetings on status and alignment. Zooming the whole morning away. But then a call on the landline. Susie’s doctor’s appointment was canceled yesterday, and the office offers us a different doctor at 130ish today. We take the offer!

Susie gets going early, and I serve her the last of the instant oatmeal.  If I want oatmeal now, I will have to start the old fashion way. I do have those in the pantry. Or maybe I have grits in there–I love grits. It takes a while, but I enjoy making this stuff from scratch.

Next, I have a sandwich but discover that the bread is gone. The ham is the Olympia Provisions heart-shaped ham. My box of veggies and bag of meats arrived today. I decided to have some delivered (free delivery to Portland and near Portland). I got the beer and sausage combination too. It comes with two four-packs of well-made and local beer: Lager and IPA. So I had the cheese and ham for lunch.

We took Air Volvo in the afternoon to the docs. This was a younger women doc we had not met before. I think she was nervous as she actually read Susie’s chart and said she was not sure what to do. She was talking fast. But, in the end, the doc had a few ideas and strongly urged Susie to ride her bike and do her exercises as all the issues could be from not getting enough exercise.

We did blood work, and the tech was good and got all she needed in one not-so-painful poke. There were other tests that were easy.

I should mention that a National Guard guy at the doc office helping direct people and providing masks and PPE as needed. He is part of the activation of the Guard in Oregon. This is to help all medical people get through the surge by having the Guard troops take over some jobs. I thanked him for helping!

We headed home after that. Then, as usual, I got Susie a Happy Meal with apples. Also, while driving Air Volvo, I managed to call into a meeting and helped align another issue. Susie was welcomed to the Nike meeting on the call and offered many options to install some software patches. She demurred.

Back home, and I am tired and rest a bit and fall dead asleep. I could have woken next week! But, I managed to awaken late and make a later dinner of chops, Stove-top stuffing from a box, and fresh and sweet corn from the veggies delivered today. I just made a piece each, boiling it. So, we have three ears of corn left for the next dinner!

That is the summary for today.

On a sad and happy note (I am not sure which way to go), the last book, published after the writer’s death, of my fav Italian crime solver was released today: Riccardino (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery Book 28). I have it waiting in my Kindle for me. I cannot recommend this series more, but I warn you it is also very unpredictable and harsh, like the Inspector. I will miss waiting for the next book. 

That is all I have. My roses are about to do their last blooms. The trees are starting to turn away from the color green, and reds are now showing. The sun was out, and it was hot, nearly 80, this afternoon. But, everything is starting to feel damp and mossy again. It makes an Oregonian smile.

Thank you for reading.


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