Weekly Blog Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 21-22

Thursday morning started with the alarm at 6:30 and me holding out the last minute to get dressed and only was a few minutes late for my first status meeting. I had hours of status meetings, all Zooming, this morning. I slept poorly with lots of dreams last night; it was a hard start!

I had Safeway deliver today, and it was a lot this time. A colossal order, and I still managed to forget the bananas! The order was delivered in the middle of another alignment and status meeting. I left on the camera, and folks watched me, with the sound was off, carry in bags after bag. I then, listening, put away everything. Another day in the pandemic!

For lunch, I made a ham and cheese sandwich–I had bread now; GrubHub and DoorDash are running about $25 or more per order. I just can’t spend that much on lunch here at the house. I was tempted to make hot dogs or even chili dogs but decided to eat the sandwich instead. I do not want to eat all the favs on the first day after delivery!

I made Susie cereal with milk for breakfast.

I had a few more meetings. Then, I drove Corwin in Air Volvo to work. Usually, I let him drive, but if we are running late, I drive.

Next Wednesday, I scheduled some tests for Susie and took the day off as it was early morning tests but went on for hours.

Moving to dinner, I made Bourbon Chicken from a new recipe and made it too salty. I will try again someday and use less Soy Sauce than on the recipe.

Today I got the request from the HP Lovecraft Film Festival (next week!) for my t-shirt size. I also sent them a copy of vaccination card to get me pre-approved to the theater. I have a scan on the cards no and an email to myself with the scan attached if I need to provide it. I am exited to be going on October 1.

Switching to Wednesday, it started the same with me tired and get going late. I managed to make all the first meetings on time, and like most days, I Zoom’d.

I made oatmeal, cut oats from scratch while I listened to a meeting. I like the more chewy and flavor compared to rolled and instant oatmeal. I add my own amount of brown sugar to finish it. Susie has some too but likes the instant better.

The day went by without much excitement. I ordered groceries on Safeway.com between discussions or while listening to status meetings. I had beef veggie soup for lunch as I was not paying $27 for lunch delivered!

The Zoom meetings when on for a while. I did take a break and fell asleep; I quickly rundown. I am feeling a bit better each day now.

After my last planned meeting, Susie and I got into Air Volvo to meet Mariah for drinks and a quick dinner at Stanford’s. First, I had an appointment. Susie got to attend as I parked the car and used my iPhone for another shoe company Zoom meeting. The other folks on the call were surprised to see me in Air Volvo, parked for safety, and having a meeting with video. We covered the issue, and the meeting was quickly over.

Mariah met us at Stanford’s. The bar was closed with velvet ropes. Apparently, it was trendy and packed. So we instead got a table in the regular seating. We had drinks and dinner. I had this giant steakhouse burger. Susie and Mariah had the beef dig sandwich.

Susie and I headed out while Mariah finished her drink; Mariah was walking over. Harry Potter was on a special showing Wednesday night. Susie and I found our seats in handicap, and we enjoyed seeing the 2nd Harry Potter movie. I like this one as the original crew is in it and the original director. The following films look a bit more CG, and the story is also darker. These first two films created images that stay with me of Harry Potter and his friends.

I went right to bed when we got home. Susie required some care giving So too. I was not able to blog on Wednesday.

Sorry for missing a day. I hope you enjoyed this crazy outline of my day. Thank you for reading.

A postscript: I am still struck by the National Guard person helping with directing people at the doctor’s office on Tuesday. It gets to me that we need the National Guard now to make our medical stuff work in Oregon. I think about how bad it is and get very sad. 

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