Sabbatical Day 3: Monday not working

I slept into 8:20ish and then remembered that Susie has Zerida at 9! So up we went; I made coffee and remembered what one does on a Monday when not logging into work. I managed to get the coffee to Susie and a few cookies. I need to make some scones (according to Susie) and have them ready for Monday with Zerida.

Once Susie was successful at dressing and being ready for her driver (I forgot her mask, but her driver had one for her), I had a bagel and coffee. Corwin left a mess in the kitchen, so I cleaned up. He usually does not leave a mess like this. Later, I learned that his eyes are all puffed-out, an allergic reaction likely to the dog at a friend’s house.

I was coughing and fighting the nice weather too. I felt tired and weak. My sleep, filled with dreams, was not restful.

Mariah and I met for lunch; she had the day off. I picked the same Mexican place I usually eat with Evan. We talked about many things, but we also set the final details of our trip to NYC coming up. Mariah is coming with Susie and me to NYC.

I will see Mariah next Wednesday at 7:30 when we head to the airport for our red-eye to New Jersey.

I am reading a newly signed book I bought at the H.P. Lovecraft Festival, The Ettinfell of Beacon Hill: Gothic Tales of Boston by Adam Bolivar. I am really enjoying the mixing of pre-Christian Britain tales and the Mythos. The poems and the legend-like stories are a new way to write about the Mythos. The stories are page-turners, and I find it hard to put down this new book.

I did do all the dishes, picked-up a few items for the trip to NYC coming up, and washed laundry to be ready for the trip. So I am getting there.

Tomorrow I plan to find the headphones (where did they go?) and start packing.

Dinner was from Happy Panda today. I was still a bit slowed to do cooking today. I felt much better after eating.

I spent the day thinking about writing and stories and writing adventures. My head felt like exploding with all the things I can do now. But instead of starting down those paths, I did the chores and rested.

I will start on more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!



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