Sabbatical Day 3: Sunday Quiet

Sorry, this is just a short story. I rested much of the day.

I managed to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning. I was up and doing dishes and cleaning a bit at 8:30. I was going slow and decided not to return to watching movies at the film fest in Portland. I instead purchased the original The Mummy movie and watched that while doing the dishes and making myself and Susie breakfast. I thought I had seen it before, but this was a surprise to me.

The movie story was sexist, shows the East in a poor light, and was badly put together even for 1932. Still, I did see hints of greatness in the character of the mummy played with chilling looks by Boris Karloff and the laying of the story for the recent Brandon Frazer version (1999) that I liked. In addition, I was surprised to see how scanty the lead women’s outfits were. Also, like in the Dracula of the same time period, the ending is abrupt and without much more than a few seconds of the film before the credits start.

After doing some reading, I learned that this movie was made before the censors came into power. Soon after making this movie, the scanty clothing and the powerful bad guy would be removed from Hollywood films. Boris Karloff would not return to this role again. So the sequels have no connection to this first movie. It is unique.

After finishing the old movie on my Apple, I took Susie to lunch at The Olive Garden. I wanted to get her out of the house, and I also wanted a good salad. So we enjoyed a hefty lunch, and the day was sunny and even warm.

I then took a nap and was ready for Dungeons and Dragons tonight at Cory’s house. We are playing a campaign based on the D&D 5E version of hell. We were traveling all over hell today as we sought to free the good people of a city that had fallen to hell.

So just a quiet day with a bit of gaming and learning about movies today.

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