Sabbatical Day 9: NYC The Extended Stay

The morning started with my alarm at 7. My sleep was broken with bad dreams and worries as I missed Susie in my room. She was in the hospital and finally admitted to the hospital later that night. No MRI was managed overnight.

I dressed slowly and was at breakfast, free with the hotel stay, before eight, and had a seat and managed a bagel and yogurt. Soon there was a rush, and soon there was a line and a request for folks to take to-go containers back to their rooms. So I will try to be there no later than 7:45!

I took an Uber to the hospital without issue. I found my way through the checks and then to Susie’s room. Susie was uncomfortable and pushed her assistance button. After 30 minutes, no one responded. I was unhappy with that. I was also disappointed that the MRI was not scheduled. I asked for the supervisor and complained that I should just have Susie discharged if they would not care for her.

I received multiple apologies and a solid effort to help. It seems, not being from NYC, we were too Portland Polite. I was very direct after that. They were polite, a role reversal.

Susie’s MRI was finally at 5PM, and they , doc here in NYC, now have access to the previous CT and MRI for Susie. So I expect a preliminary finding on Monday.

I left Susie as she was finishing her chicken quarter for dinner. She was hungry and eating well. Her hand is shaking, so it is messy, but that is just a minor issue.

I met Kat Smith and Mariah for dinner at The Meatball Shop in Hell’s Kitchen five blocks from the hospital. Hell’s Kitchen is now a hip foodie land of wonder; many languages are heard when you walk the sidewalks. I

t is also required to present ID and a Vax card to enter any place for food, drinks, or a hotel room in New York City. No excuses are accepted here; this is New York City!

The food was great!

Mariah and I headed back to the hotel while Kat went back to the Kat Lair two blocks away. I then moved Susie’s and my flight to Saturday and got the Fairfield Inn to not overcharge me for four more days. The manager cut me a good deal.

I then needed to do this blog and headed to the Beer Authority, just down the street from the Fairfield Inn, to write and call some folks. I had a beer and a munchy to help lubricate the writing process. The noise and the liveliness helped write today’s story. And I am closing the bar this Sunday at 11:30 with the last call.


There is a comic and gaming convention in the area. I did pass my a Star Trek NG Cosplayers table. I did not pack my bat’lesh, so I passed the chance test them.

We will learn more facts on Monday, and I have to connect with mine and Susie’s doctors over the extended stay, here and back in Oregon.

I hope you liked the story. Thanks for reading.

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