Sabbatical Day 19: Chores

Sleep was hard to get last night. I started earlier after a rough night, around 7:30, but had planned a 6ish start. I was just too tired to do that. Not extra rest; I have laundry to do. I also wrote yesterday’s story this morning.

I threw on some clothes, made instant coffee, and then, at 8ish, went down to do laundry. I ran two machines and quickly finished the work of new clean clothing. I will need to do some bedding and towels soon, but I did not have any bleach for the whites. So that will wait.

I have a laundry card now. The machine that provides the cards says to put a $10 to buy a $5 valued card (thus buying the physical card for $5), but that did not work. The vending machine showed a message about the wrong type of bill. So instead, I put a $5 and got the card for free with $5 on it. I added some more money and then used my own card today. Another little victory.

I dressed in newly cleaned clothing and headed out.

I had no bagels that were not rock hard, so I stopped by the local market, being nearly an hour later, for a banana (50 cents). I ate that quickly by the trash can and then on to the 1 train.

I reached the hospital and followed the usual rituals to get access. When I reached Susie’s room, 10G Room 50A, she was off working out in the gym. I waited, and Susie appeared soon. I delivered her clean pants and PJ bottoms. I am to bring some t-shirts and other items on Thursday.

Susie is tired today (I am tired too). I waited for her lunch to be delivered; I cut her peanut butter and jelly sandwich into quarters for her. That is her fav way to eat a sandwich. I then kissed her goodbye for the day. I have chores today, and I, too, am tired.

Lunch today is at the Greek Kitchen. I am starved and order moussaka as I want to try their version. It was just OK. I have not found moussaka that wows me. The search will have to continue!

Next, I find a UPS store and pay $3.08 to use their desktop to print the tickets I have for the Phantom of the Opera on Friday. I am taking Kat to the show. But, the tickets are print-at-home. I asked customer service to change this, and they said it was not possible (!?). Thusly, I went to the UPS store, paid for access to their machine, and printed the tickets on their printer. It was an eye-rolling moment.

Back to 1 train uptown, I stopped at 79th station and went shopping at Zabar’s for dinner and other supplies. I picked out German bratwurst and stuffed peppers as microwave meals. They had some fine bread and cheeses (some deeply discounted). More plain-styled olives. Butter if I want to cook eggs. And all packed into another Zabar’s bag, which I carried back to the 1 train and walked home. I have two now,

By the way, a guy needed two quarters to get a ticket for the train at 79th station, and I had them as the change from the banana (see above). So I gave them to him telling him, they must be his. Not sure if it was Karma or just chance, but I hope for Karma.

After putting away my purchases, I contacted one of my medical folks. I will not be able to enjoy the scheduled test as I will still be in NYC next week. They rescheduled me for December, but I am on the waiting list after my return planned for after Nov. 5 (Guy Fawkes Day). My bleeding has stopped again, and I have been feeling a bit stronger these last few days. A solution needs to be found, but I can manage.

I then felt the lack of sleep and the miles of walking over the last few days, fell asleep reading. I woke about 5ish and then walked the 1/2 mile to the RiteAid and picked up some new scripts, some more tape for my blisters, and new razors while disposable is not as stupidly cheap as the ones I have been using. I also got some bleach for the whites I will likely wash soon.

I made dinner of bratwursts and cabbage from Zabar’s in the microwave. I cut a nice piece of cheese to go with it and made Russian-style tea to go with it (drinking around the tea leaves).

It was delicious.

I then made a few calls and watched the video on doing the magic trick I picked up yesterday from Tannen’s. I did not know it was based on an older scheme I remember in a book on my shelf back in Oregon. It was fun to learn the requirements and history, and I will likely practice it while here in NYC. It is a wallet trick meaning you can out in a wallet and use it ad hoc.

I read a bit, almost falling asleep again, and then decided I better write this before it gets any later and more challenging to stay awake.

I will try to do more cleaning in the morning. I am tired, so I think sleep will finally come tonight. I hope you have enjoyed the story.

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