Sabbatical Day-20: Long Walks for Everyone

I was up around 7ish and not so tired. I made breakfast and took my meds, and then shaved with a new razer that worked with bleeding. I took some more clothing for Susie that was requested. I arrived a few minutes early at Mount Sinai West.

I followed the process and soon was with Susie. She then was moved to a new room, 10G 56B, with a window. The view is of a building being reconstructed. I suggested that Susie’s Occupational Therapy was brink laying in the construction to a few nurses. They smiled. Later one of the same nurses asked me if she should check their work next door. I agreed that the bricklaying needs a quick check.

Susie went off to PT for a while. I headed out to see some more of NYC.

Susie and her nurse Gerry are in the new room 56B.

I decided to take the 1 train to the end. I like riding public transit and thought riding it to the finish would be nice. But, I saw the train was near the World Trade Center, so I got out early. Then, I walked into the garden that is now the 9/11 site. It nearly had me crying–it is a physically sad place.

I finally have seen it all finished. The Freedom Tower is a wonder. I decided not to visit the tower or the museum as I would usually do that with Susie. Another time.

Amazing look!

The sad garden.

I did not know anyone that died that day, but friends of mine knew some of the people in the Boston plane. It almost hurt to stand there and look at the repaired buildings and new garden. I saw the crushed sculpture that used to sit between the towers on a walkway. Still painful for me to be there. I left quickly.

I then walked for hours and hours to Battery Park and the end of the 1 train. It is a walk along the river, and you can see the Statue of Liberty as you walk.

I also stopped by the tiny Skyscraper Museum and saw the models and pictures of all the monumental buildings in the world. It is a nice little stop.

That is an NYC residential building in Billionaire Row behind me. It exists and is huge tall–I have seen it. I cannot imagine living near the top and watching my coffee sway in the cup on a windy morning day!

I was tired when I finally walked to the start (or end) of the 1 train. I road it back. Back to Mount Sinai West. Susie was headed out for more treatment. I rested in the chair; my back hurt. Finally, some water and all the pain ended, and thus discovering I was dehydrated! I will remember that next time. I had skipped lunch as my breakfast was too big (too many nice things from Zabar’s).

Susie finished dinner, and I headed out. It was chicken, again, and Susie liked it.

I met Kat just outside the Kat Lair and headed to Vahalla. A bar with bar food that has a Viking theme. It was a tap house with some food. We ordered sliders, beef for me, and chicken breasts for Kat. I ordered a beer that was supposed to be Unicorn Blood Red Ale. I would suggest that it was produced in a different way by a Unicorn. I would not order it again! But the sliders and fries were good. Unfortunately, they do not have coffee.

Kat and I decided on an early night, and I took the 1 train back.

I hope you enjoy following along.

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