Sabbatical Day 21: All Day With Susie and Music of the Night

Working backward, I was back at the apartment this morning at 1:30ish. I had taken the 50th Street 1 train back. I had to walk to Times Square, not a place to be in the 1980s so late but seemed OK today, to reach the subway. Kat and I parted at 50th street as she headed home after dinner.

Dinner was a Junior’s famous for the huge dinners and cheesecake. I had a tuna melt, and Kat had the chicken salad (it was huge). We only waited, at 11PM, for only ten minutes to get to a table. I have observed here and in Oregon that social distancing fails in lines for food joints. We were packed in tight to get on the waiting list!

We were there so late as we had gone to the reopening of The Phantom of the Opera. I have seen it many times, but never on Broadway. It was the usual fantastic show, and the voices were strong and clear. Our nose-bleed seats allowed us to hear and see the stage, but we were not in sight of the famous chandelier.

As it was reopening, I was not surprised that Andrew Lloyd Webber introduced the show to a standing ovation when it was announced that the Majestic Theater was reopened. The seats had swag for everyone, including a rose and a mask, and a special Phantom mask. They took a pic of the audience wearing the masks to celebrate the restart.

Before this, I spent most of the day at Mount Sinai West with Susie. Susie had a busy day with her having two therapy sessions and an ultrasound on her legs. Susie’s heart rate at rest is too fast, this might be an existing condition not caused by the stroke, so there are some concerns. However, Susie is not impacted and does not notice.

Susie this morning got dressed in her regular clothing and looked happier to find a bit of routine. She did walk down the halls with the supplied walker for both sessions.

I was there about 10ish and managed to sleep better that night. So I just pop on the 1 train walking a few blocks on both sides.

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