Sabbatical day 24: Monday again–No Internet

I was up and going about 7:45ish. I managed to have something to eat, write the blog, and get to the hospital about 10:20. Security passed me and remembered me.

Susie was already through breakfast and just a few minutes from Occupational Therapy. I helped get regular clothing out for Susie, and Susie was dressed and ready. She headed down, and I went for a quick sandwich at the baguette place. I stayed with ham and cheese this time, and it was good (the ham and cheese are too run-of-the-mill quality for such good bread).

I returned, and Susie was cleaning up, and I had a pair of pants to launder. Susie’s lunch came, and we chatted through that.

Susie was off next to PT next.

I decided to try a museum forgetting it was Monday (they’re closed), and instead walked a bit in Central Park. I have some numbness in my feet from diabetes, and I did not know I had a huge blister on my toe (I took care of it today). I was uncomfortable walking (not knowing about the new blisters), so it was a short walk.

Susie was back, and I had more laundry to do. Susie changed into the last pair of pants. Those, too, would end up in my laundry.

I then did Susie’s nails. On the way in, I stopped by CVS and got supplies. I picked a hottish pink and replaced the gold, now fading, with pink.

I also got her a notebook to restart her journalling. Susie is to write out everything that happens during the day so she can better remember. This was a permanent thing after the last stroke. Time to restart that. I was surprised by the enthusiasm from the therapists and nursing staff for this step. Susie was getting homework to do her writing from the therapists. The nurses were looking at her writing to see how she was doing with dexterity.

Susie was in a hospital gown when I left her. I had dinner with Kat at 7:30, and we selected Meatballs for dinner. We had done this place before, but we wanted to try a few more items. We sat outside, and I watched the top of the skyscrapers become less and less solid and more haunting. The sky flashed as we finished dinner. We got sprinkled on the way to the trains; Kat always walks me, suspecting (correctly) I will go the wrong way and walk twice as far as required.

One of the taller Billionaire Row building’s top disappeared into the storm. That must have been a strange experience up there. It looked like something out of a horror movie, just needed the dramatic music and a sudden shadow moving on its own (oops, slipped into Howard’s story writing).

On food, Kat had risotto and I the chicken parmesan. It did not look that big, but I think I needed a nap right then after eating it. Kat liked the risotto but thought there were better things on the menu. That is always my opinion of risotto–there is always something better for your money.

I was back at the apartment and collapsed into a heap. Not sure why I was exhausted, but I was.

BTW: The Internet is not working well today, so I cannot even load a photo. So I am sorry if this is just words and might have typos as my checker is running strange. Update: I managed to use my phone for a connection and get one photo.




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