Sabbatical Day 25: Tuesday Slow Internet

The morning started with coffee, instant, and then throwing on clothes and doing the laundry. I also had to pick up my script, so that meant a different route today.

It is also blowing a gale in NYC, so my heavy coat and hat for today. No hats and raincoats in NYC. Just umbrellas and mostly wool coats, which turn into wet blankets. Everyone is looking a bit unhappy. But, being from Oregon, this is relatively light rain, and the wind is not too bad (not blowing any windows out).

I also wrote the blog with a very poor Internet connection (which continues into today). It takes a long time to write this when the connection is slow.

Finally, after laundry and the usual morning tasks, I head out for the 1/2 mile walk to the RiteAid. The wind is low and the rain more a misting. I get my prescription without issue and then walk another three blocks to the 96th street station, oddly on 95th street.

I reach Susie at the hospital without issues. No flooding other than puddles to be stepped over.

I brought clean clothing and picked out something for Susie to wear. Her first PT was at 11:30, which consisted of getting dressed and then sitting and standing a few times. Lunch then came, which Susie handled mostly herself (I only offer help for hard-to-open items). Next, more PT and I headed out after getting a nice pic.

I headed to the Museum of Modern Design (MAD). This is off of Columbus Circle and was closed yesterday. Today it was $18, and you start on the 5th floor and explore the gallery going down using the stairs between the floors. The strangely open spaces with just a few pieces are always startling after so many close-corners of NYC.

Susie had flowers delivered from her sister’s family. I called the florist, and they told me they had delivered them. I walked down to security in the lobby, and they had just changed shifts, so they had no idea. I found the flowers at the Nurse’s desk.

I can’t say I liked MAD, but I often consider this more craft than art. Pottery and thread, and even glasswork, look more craft than art to me. Not that I was not impressed by some of the work. I just find that there is nothing new to learn from well-executed pottery, thread items, and glass. A couple of paintings that I did not like much showed great color and layering that I had not seen before. So, even though I did not like much of the displays, it still had me thinking about the design of the pieces. Maybe that means it worked.

I returned and spent the rest of the day with Susie. Then, she headed off for more workouts at the gym. Everyone is saying she is improving and do see some changes for the better.

Dinner was peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I left Susie and headed out into new rain; it had stopped for hours, after 7ish. I found Kat, and we headed to ABA Turkish-styled food. We decided to eat outside in their little booth as there was almost nobody inside. The rain then came on, and the wind blew the water sideways. A small food leak was just above me, so we pushed in a bit. I did not know the leak was soaking my coat.

While the wind and rain lashed the booth, we had a nice dinner. We skipped the traditional Turkish-style feast and just ordered mains. I had a plate of gyro lamb on a plate with a sauce and yogurt. Kat had Donner with a side of yogurt. I also finally managed an Efes beer. I have been looking for Turkish beer for years. Finally, it was just as wonderful as I remembered it.

They had red heat lights to keep us warm.

The rain slowed just a bit, and I headed to the subway. Kat was worried I would get flooded, but the subway was dry. I was cautious.

I was back to the apartment by 9ish and did very little but sleep.


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