Sabbatical Day 28: Quiet Friday

I managed to almost oversleep for the first time in NYC. I managed to wake and roll over and sleep most of the night. As usual, I open the window so I can hear the clock chimes starting at 8.

I had laundry to do for Susie and had to write the blog. This takes the morning. I was not out the door until about 10ish and heard the chimes three times.

I decided to stop by the local McDonald’s to see how that works out in NYC during a pandemic. It was chaotic and slow. Online orders were coming in, and drivers picking up those orders. Others were ordering and waiting. As usual, I went over to the touch screens and ordered my fav of Egg Mcmuffin with an extra hash brown and small coffee with cream. Somehow I ordered three, I discovered later (explaining the higher price for breakfast).

I waited 15 minutes, I think, for the fast food, and one man was irate that his order never appeared. The manager, who easily switched from Spanish to English and back, waved his hand to calm the man and got him his breakfast. The disappointed guy cursed out the place and talked on Facetime with someone explaining why he was late.

My order was reached, and I had to remind them to give me my coffee. The staff looked demoralized, and the manager was holding all together with his energy. My heart went out to them. They were also beginning the switch to lunch, so it was true chaos as I turned to eat.

I ate in McDonald’s, but they did not check my vax status (there is a sign requiring it). I also had to clean up the counter a bit. Nevertheless, I still tried to relax, and others sat in the same area. I gave away one of my spare hash browns, and it was well-received.

I thought the food was good and not too salty as I find it locally in Oregon. I finished a hash brown, half my coffee, and cleaned up. One hash brown did not find a home.

It is a cold, partially cloudy, windy October day. I had to hold on to my hat a few times.

I took the 1 train and walked the three blocks to Mount Sinai West. The staff at security welcomed me, and we went through the same ritual. I got a sticker saying that my vax status was checked and my temperature was suitable for entrance. Security then scans my passport and makes a sticker with my name and what floor I can visit. My vax status is proved by a sticker over the void on unprinted stickers.

Next, I take the elevator to the 3rd floor and sign in at the nurse’s station; they all welcome me for entrance to 3G as I have been coming for weeks now. I then wave and say good morning to the nurses and staff.

Susie was in her bed and unhappy. A new test requires an IV. On the fourth try, her nurse got it. Once that was over, I learned Susie was having a CT (cat) scan. Her heart continues to race, and her white count is still increasing and is abnormally high. So the doc wants to check for a cause with a CT scan (with contrast).

Mount Sinai took two days last time to find a slot for a CT scan, so I am trying to wait and not worry.

Susie was dressed, but they put a gown back on her for the CT. She kept her pants and shoes. PT showed, and Susie was off for exercises and evaluation. We are approaching the next decision day (Tuesday) that decides if we are headed home on 5Nov2021.

To that end, I have started on my plan to “Escape From New York.” I have picked flights and will ship some luggage out ahead of time. Then, we will fly First Class on a late flight non-stop to PDX. This will get us access to the First Class Lounge to wait and help if things go sideways (like a canceled flight). I speculate on all of this, but I will have only a few days to settle the details once a go for “Escape From New York” process starts.

Susie was done for the day, and the CT scan will happen when there is an opening. Susie and I both nodded off while waiting.

I headed back to the apartment at 3ish as there was little more to do, and Susie was likely to take a nap. I stopped by the local market to get a few supplies.

I made French Toast for dinner. I had to use the pans and the stove. I would make hash go with it, but the apartment supplied can opener broke on the first use. I will acquire a better one tomorrow. I have no new laundry to do; Susie had a better day, so I should have time in the morning to get a real whisk and a functional can opener to donate to the apartment. The stove and pans are good.

I am resting a bit today. I finished one of the magician history books I bought here today. After that, I have moved to a Doctor Who novel as a cookie-for-the-brain reading. Mariah and Kat purchased it for me as something to do during the extended stay.

Internet at the apartment is kaput. So instead, I am using my iPhone 5G hotspot to access the Internet and write this blog. I am surprised by the limited free access in NYC. Makes me miss rainy Portland sometimes.

I hope you like the story so far. I am hoping to finish it on Saturday with us home and an epilogue. But, we will see. So far, the whole thing has been an exercise in letting go of control.

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