Sabbatical Day 27: The Light Day

The day starts with some broken sleep at about 7:15ish, reading emails and news. I then throw on some clothes and head down to do laundry as Susie has some items she needs to be washed.

I also write the previous day’s blog. I always open the window and hear the church strike at 9AM.

That takes the whole morning, and I am headed out from the apartment about 10ish to get to the hospital via the one train. Again, the apartment’s internet is now dead. I am using a hot-spot via my phone, 5G, to do my writing and surfing.

At the hospital, the process is familiar, and the staff asks me about Susie and our stay. Not many people do a daily visit for a month.

When I get to the room, Susie is still in bed and not dressed. She is having therapy in the afternoons. I think they finally figured out that Susie is not a morning person.

Lunch appears, and it is a Thanksgiving feast of turkey breast, mash potatoes, and stuffing. Susie is delighted.

I brought Susie a coaster from Death and Company.

I head out to have lunch at the baguette place and have chicken soup (excellent) and a croissant which was glazed with sugar (yuk!).

Susie is still hours away from her first appointment, so I get tickets to the Museum of Modern Art and do a long walk despite the pain of one blister. I wanted to see this part of NYC, and so I walked.

I found a few icons, including the CBS TV theater.

I also found this Harry Potter-like location in NYC.

There was a group of chefs giving away carrot cake samples. I got Susie a piece and carried it to MoMA and back.

I was disappointed by MoMA as they had closed part of the 5th floor to make changes, including some of the best of their collection. I could only see a bit of Stary Stary Night from a doorway. The proctor borrowed my camera and took pics for me of the wonderful stuff I could not see. I was disappointed and sad that MoMA had locked away some of its best and iconic art the day I came to see it.

The closest I got was my phone taking a pic.

I went down and buried my sadness in yet-another-carrot-cake in the cafe and decided I was still a bit unhappy and posted a sad text on Facebook (mostly for the museum to see). It was still a nice visit, and I had only a few hours anyway.

I walked back and took the subway back to Columbus Circle. Again, I found a close link after I walked to the museum. But I wanted to walk a bit.

I returned to Susie, and she was partially dressed. I had more laundry to do.

I stayed with Susie for the afternoon and early evening. At one point, she did not call the nurse and got up and started walking from the bathroom to the sink and then sat herself down in a chair. I stepped in to walk next to her so I could help if she needed help. As usual, she was not inside her walker, and I nagged her about that (just like the PT folks), but she did fine. I think she is tired of all of this. Which is a good sign.

At 7ish, I said good night to Susie and headed to Hell’s Kitchen (extremely gentrified) for dinner with Kat. We split the check at a hole-in-the-wall Thai and noodle place just a short distance from the Kat Lair. The food was good, and my pad-Thai had many shrimps.

I also, and not a good Magician thing, did the same trick again. I had Kat remember all the words (prompting her) so that she did the illusion while I did the card movements. I have to admit I got lucky, and everything went off with Kat doing most of the work. It is a nice illusion that I picked up in NYC.

After that, slightly limping from my blisters, I rode the 1 train back to the apartment. I tried to fix the Internet here, a lost cause, and then slept the night through and woke up a bit late at 7:45.



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