Sabbatical Day 32: Conclave Decides, Home!

Today was mostly sitting and chatting with the medical folks at Mount Sinia West to figure out how to get home. I am a bit rushed this morning so I hope there are too many typos.

I started the day packing up the books and some other items that I could easily ship to Oregon. It was another night that I slept better even with the heat raising the apartment into the 80F a few times. I counter with a fan and an open window.

I was out of the apartment just about ten after writing the blog, it was a longish one, and dressing and all that jazz.

The Tuesday subway was busier than the Monday load of folks. Everyone had on masks, and all the regulars had phones and earbuds and just ignored everyone else.

I walked to the UPS store and then had the privilege to pay more than $13 for a box and packaging to send the books to Oregon. One less heavy thing to get home.

It was a cold, dry October day with a wind that promised to make anyone not wearing a heavy coat regret their clothing choices. Later, I saw one guy in the subway using it as a warming place. Season changes are hard on the homeless and poor of NYC.

When I got to Mount Sinia West third floor–3G, Susie was not dressed and the PT person was helping Susie to get ready. Susie seemed more tired and even a bit depressed. The room was dark. Susie does not do well in the dark and I got the window open and lights on later. She was better after she got started that day.

The day was busy for Susie as soon as one thing finished, lunch or dinner showed, and then there was more intensive therapy. I waited for the official word and talked to the staff often. I needed to know what I needed to do and whatever else they need from me. Finally, about 4ish we met with Dr. Kline and he officially told us Susie is being discharged on Friday.

I then remade Susie’s nail color to yellow to represent victory and returning home.

I learned I have to arrange for pick-up at the hospital and that the discharge will tell me what else I will need.

I left Susie at Mount Sinia West just after 7PM. I walked down 10th Avenue to a Mexican place, Mamasita Bar & Grill. There you can spend almost any amount of money on a margarita (or a pitcher or a huge column filled with a drink that you pour yourself) of many different kinds. You can also mix them up to have a near-infinite number of versions of their flavors. They have been in this location for more than thirty years the owner told me. It is actually a small family biz. I asked for a medium-sized, regular flavor, moderate quality booze, with salt, on the rocks margarita.

Kat was there just after 7:30 and I ordered her first Pina Colada (with no rum). I asked Amy the bartender and our waiter “to only wave the most expensive rum bottle around the drink.” That got the point across and smiles too.

Dinner was burritos for Kat and I had a combination plate of three items for me. The food was more expensive than I expected, even in NYC. It was also better than I expected, exceptional actually.

Kat and I then walked back to Columbus Circle and I took the 1 train back to the apartment.

Aside: Some of my medical problems are returning so it is good to get back home soon.

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