Sabbatical Day 34: Last Day and Night in NYC

Going backward, it was past midnight when I went to bed here in the apartment. I road a near-empty and fully masked 1 train back from Time Square. Kat road the train one stop with me to Columbus Circle–the Kat Layer is not far there.

I did finally notice that Kat spells it Cat, but it is too late to change!

We came from the new movie, opening night, The Eternals. It is long, and it is flashy. The acting was good, and the special effects, including new bling that impressed Kat. It was a disappointment. There are no spoilers here, but the movie seems a bit disjointed, and the storyline is hard to believe and even follows a few times. The action scenes are a feast of special effects, but I think the storyline is lost, and the movie needs to be edited better. It seems to drag a few times. But, Kat and I were still happy to have seen it. Your experience may be better, and if you are an Eternal comic book reading, you will love it.

Before that, I said goodbye to Jason and Tasha after enjoying cheesecake at Juniors near Timesquare. Real NYC cheesecake, or what I call, stealing from the Parrotheads, “The Last Cheesecake in Paradise!”

We had a slightly rushed dinner at Danella’s near Times Square, preceding “The Last Cheesecake in Paradise.” This is “an Italian Restaurant,” and the food was good. I am not sure if you should just eat appetizers here as the pasta is heavy and good. Especially if you are following it with cheesecake and then a movie. ZzzzZzzz.

Me looking at cheesecake in NYC.

To get to dinner, I road the C train from Columbus Circle. It was my first time on this train. It is a bit newer and deeper than the 1 train. I had kissed Susie goodbye at 7ish and walked down to the station from Mount Sinia West.

The day at the hospital was busy as I had to get prescriptions at the local CVS. Dr. Kline wanted to ensure we had stuff ready until we could get help from our Oregon-based doctor. I had to discuss our plans to exit at 1PM and let Susie hear that she cannot walk alone any time when we are home. Until Susie gets used to walking inside her walker, she is not safe to walk alone. This will be a burden for both of us, but we will make it work.

Susie had her last therapy, and everyone was happy with how much she has improved. Susie is to have more work with PT and OT when we get home.

I got there and helped Susie get dressed. I also got a pile of soiled laundry to deal with and tried to take that with grace. Well, I tried–I had hoped my last four loads the day before were my last opportunity with the apartment laundry room.

I road the 1 train the last time downtown this morning. Being about 30 minutes late. I cleaned up the apartment and packed some more. Getting ready for our escape from NYC.

I awoke about 7:30 and got up and wrote the blog and had breakfast after that, dressing and all that jazz.

Note: Today is a travel day as I am writing this Friday. So the blog is a bit rushed while I get ready to escape. I talked to the super and will put out the remaining food for folks to take. While I will not miss the apartment as I never planned to live here, I have had the pleasure of finding out what life is like living in a Studio in the Upper Westside. It is a strange life in NYC, both excellent and cramped. You live outside of your apartment here. That is where you find the cheesecake!


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