Sabbatical Day 36: Mostly Sleeping

This was a very boring day to describe as I spent most of it resting and not doing much.

I started Saturday at about 8:30ish local time. I had tried to roll over a few times, but nope it was time to get going. Jetlag.

I made oatmeal from scratch by boiling some steel-cut oats. Then, I unpacked just a bit to enable me to get dressed and cleaned. I took a shower and noticed the bathroom floor was not even. I really was still too tired to care.

I ordered lunch from Happy Panda as Susie would like Chinese, I reasoned. Susan was exhausted and still sleeping into the early afternoon, and she was finally moving in the afternoon and had lunch. I was writing the blog. Susie enjoyed her lunch and went back to bed.

I stayed up and watched Star Wars movies with commercials on TV while writing and nodding off a bit. Corwin would do the dishes for me later.

I ordered burgers for Susie and me. Red Robin delivered them via Uber at about 745PM, and I stumbled off to an early night. I managed to make it to 9PM.

Before sleeping, I did manage to restart Alexa Echo in the bedroom so we could control the lights and have music again in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it stopped working and had to be reset and added to our local group. In the house, Alexa is called “Echo” and allows Susie to turn on the lights by voice and have music. The bedroom and living room lights are controlled by Alexa (using Philips lights and a bridge device plugged into the house network). It is a safety item.

I remembered after Leta (Susie’s mother) called and reminded me, to set the clocks back. Except for the one I use. This would have me up too early on Sunday.

A dull day as I said, but one with rest.

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