Sabbatical Day 36: Close of Sabbatical

Another short story and for a primarily restful day. I am rushing a bit so I did not get all the editing done. Please ignore the typos.

The day started with me up too early. It is the time-change Fall-Back day. I had managed to change all the clocks except for the one I use. So I was still jetlagged and enjoying the three-hour time difference between New York City and the Pacific Northwest. I falsely decided that 5:30 was early but not terrible. I discovered that it was 4:30! I managed to get back to bed, but sleep did not come, so I was up at 5:45ish. Ugh!

I took a shower and dressed. I saw a small flood by the wall in the bathroom. The toilet is spraying water when flushed in the master bedroom. The floor, I had noticed this and was trying to ignore it, was uneven in the bathroom. Likely the toilet leaked for the month I was away. I clean up the water and then reach to turn off the water to the toilet.

Now, this is usually where an actual disaster happens. The force to turn off the water breaks the nob off or even breaks off the valve and floods the house. Or the homeowner decides to “tighten” the leak. This usually results in a break off the valve too. My neighbors did that, and we had to turn off the water to their house (having to show them how to do that).

Nothing terrible happened, and I managed to shut down the master bedroom toilet without incident. I do not know if it is an insurance issue or me covering it. I will call Allstate this Monday morning.

Susie surprised me by getting going at 8:30 on Sunday morning. I had again made oatmeal from scratch with steel-cut oats. She had that, and then I shared a can of peaches with her. The stroke has made her left hand hard to control, and Susie dropped all the syrup and peaches on herself.

She got redressed, and I cleaned up the spill. Easy.

Susie decided to just order lunch delivered. Pizza! Dominos. I also spoke to Mom Wild and decided she could have lunch (dinner) too. So I ordered thru GrubHub a pizza delivered (with a salad) in Michigan. She was thrilled.

I called into Zoom meetings for church and said hello to folks. I was late for the first call, thinking it was at 10:30, but I got to say hello to a few folks. I then made the small group meeting, and again they were happy to see me.

I put on a movie for Susie, and she enjoyed some fav pizza, pineapple with ham.

Susie is being cautious with her new walker from NYC rehab. She still steps out of the walker, a bit unsafe, but she corrects it. So we are getting used to the carpet and the house with the new walker.

I read and took a nap.

Dungeons and Dragons gaming was at Cory’s house at 5:30, and we agreed to risk Susie being home alone for a few hours. She has her emergency button around her neck. I did pop out to McDonald’s and get her fav, Happy meal with apples. Corwin and I finished the pizza for our dinner.

I played my D&D character after driving Air Volvo (driving seems strange now instead of using subways) to Cory’s house, and, only missing one game while in NYC, I was soon caught up on the adventures in Hell. The campaign, purchased by our leader Matt with the miniatures and Hell machines, is about a city falling to Hell, literally. Our characters are in Hell trying to save the city and release all the souls trapped by a tricky deal that would fit a Faustian story.

I got tired as we played. We finished at 9PM, as usual, but I was sleepy. So I went to bed at 9:30. Corwin cleaned up the kitchen for me.

I hope you are enjoying the blog as I finish my sabbatical on Sunday. Back to work on Monday!

1 thought on “Sabbatical Day 36: Close of Sabbatical”

  1. Glad you are home safely. They tried a subway in Aloha, but it only went to Reedville and kept flooding- love to you both


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