Story 8Nov2021: Back to Work

Yesterday was a bit crazy, but I will include the interesting parts here in the blog.

I was up about 6:30ish, having woken at 3, 4, 5 from jetlag. I am still on the East Coast time.

I started by getting my Nike laptop and trying to sign in. Nope. My strange passwords (the new requirements at Nike prevent the use of dictionary words, number strings, or anything you could possibly remember now) did not come back to me. I called the helpdesk. There is a way to reset your password online, but I figured I should get a human after a month of being away. A friendly human got online, and after a few missteps, we managed to get my laptop to connect to Nike’s network to allow me to use a temporary password. I then carefully wrote out a new password on a piece of scratch paper and put it in wrong (and matching wrong too).

So I was online at Nike long enough to clear out some backlog messages before I had to use the password again; four minutes or so of non-use requires a new logon, and I discovered it was not working.

Back to the helpdesk, but it is Monday morning, and the backlog on the helpdesk is forever. I try the online tool and do manage to reset my password. This time I carefully wrote down the suggested weird password after failing to create a password on my own for ten minutes that fit all the rules. No more problems.

Back to work. I managed to attend a few Zoom calls and handle one year-end item for retirement that I had missed. The last day was Monday, so I was lucky and made more annual elections on investments for retirement.

I wrote yesterday’s blog in the down moments and mainly before 8ish.

Susie was going about 9, and I had to help her get dressed as the master bathroom toilet was shut off because of water leaks. The main bathroom has no handles and is larger, and she has trouble dressing there. I helped her dress and kept her safe. Later, she used the master bathroom to get dressed without issue.

Susie cannot button buttons anymore. Her left hand cannot do it; we will see if there is any help from in-home therapy next week.

I order Mexican for lunch via GrubHub. It was good, and I was famished.

My current health issue is getting worse, and I am tired in the afternoon. I take a short break and nap for about 45 minutes. This helps.

I slip out before the all-project 5PM meeting today. I pop over to Safeway and get laundry stuff and various candies for Susie. I am out of clothing as much of my clothing was mailed to home and will arrive on Wednesday.

The meeting announces date changes for the project and that we have the week of Thanksgiving off. I think I do need a break after my last vacation!

Susie and I meet Mariah at Golden Valley Brewery for dinner. This is Susie’s first outing since her stroke on 9Oct2021. We had a nice dinner.

I am a bit mixed up on my emotions as I write this. I miss NYC and the flash and energy of the city that never sleeps. I am so happy to be home with the strange damp feel of the PNW. I can see that Susie has still a long path to recovery, and I will have to work with her to get better. I find myself looking to see Kat or Tasha or the nurses and staff I spent a month with. It is a strange feeling. The past, the present, and the future are all mixed up in my head.

I will get more sleep and try to deal with my health issues and be grateful for unexpected experiences.

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