Story 10Nov2021: Difficult Rest

The morning started with me waking at 3:45 and finally getting going at 5:45. I then did the process to take the day off from the shoe company. Even with my sabbatical using 100 hours of my vacation, I still had just short of 200 hours remaining for paid-time-off.

I then had a blood test and managed to get there and back in just about an hour. I do not eat on blood test days. I was told that my current blood test did not need fasting. But, I still am never sure as often the doc has additional tests. I stopped by McDonald’s for breakfast.

I got home and finished eating. Susie was in a bit of distress. The pain was back, and she was too weak to roll over or even get out of bed. I was at a loss as to what to do. Susie finally managed to stand and get to her walker with me, taking some weight here and there. I caught her from falling.

We managed to get the bathroom, and we both had a workout getting Susie ready for the day. Details do not belong here.

I got Susie to the living room, and she sat in her chair. I brought her food and water, and she was better soon. It seemed that she was dehydrated and just needed food. That need was covered quickly by me.

I popped out to get her a fav, Happy Meal. This brightened her spirits, and she was much stronger. Making it to the bathroom without me once!

Not just a Happy Meal, but a commode was brought. I stopped by Beaverton Pharmacy, a local non-chain pharmacy, and they had what we needed. Susie checked it after I installed it. I made it lower, and it worked.

The arms and higher heights made all the difference. I suspect Thursday will be a more leisurely day.

Aside: I recommend Beaverton Pharmacy to anyone local that needs equipment.

Now that Susie was better, her pain was gone, and the toilet now adjusted, I again popped out and bought the new board game Unfathomable. This is what we call a re-skin of game. The Battlestar Galactica board game, in this case, was reworked into Unfathomable. I need a short break and the local gaming store, Rainy Day Games, while it can be expensive, is a good place for me to find my calm.

Focusing on the new game, I read about while on the plane home is a traitor game like the previous out-of-print Battlestar version (available only by buying a valuable and therefore expensive used copy). In this game, everyone plays passengers or crew members of the SS Atlantica, which is being attacked by the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos (instead of Cylons). The players must work together to get the ship to Boston while resisting the insanity and powers of the evil gods and minions. This would be hard as the game mechanic throws enemies and events at the players that damage and hurt. But, some of the players are secretly trying to sink the ship as they are not human or insane cultists. Can you guess who is not really helping? Why did the captain pick a slower passage? Saving fuel or trying, is he not human? The gameplay is full of paranoia and is a hoot to play.

I read the rules tonight and punched my copy. I can see that It is a reworking of the original game with some streamlining to make the game shorter. I can’t wait to play it.

I also hooked up with someone to look at the water damage in the master bathroom. I will have him fix it or maybe remodel it as we will have to replace some of the floorings.

I also called 1-800-got-junk and plan to empty out the garage next week and some other junk. I was going to help a neighbor out too, but I could not reach her today. I will try again. The junk folks will call me on Monday to schedule the de-junking. Exciting. I put this off until after the pandemic–this will have to be close enough, I guess.

I spoke to Bard, Susie’s sister, and she will cook Thanksgiving here. I suggest that we consider spatchcock turkey. I admit I just like to say the word, but it actually works. Bard and their mother, Leta, are coming in a few weeks.

I forgot to add I made dinner for Susie and I for the first time since before we left for New York City on 5October2021. Schwann’s Chicken Cordon Blue with corn niblets (also Schwann’s). It was kind of nice to watch the news together on PBS and eat dinner.

It was a tough start, but the day got better. Maybe Thursday will be easier.

Lastly, I should say I am human and want the SS Atlantica to get to Boston, no really.

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