Story 11Nov2021: Tough Day

This day was hard as Susie was too weak to get out of bed or use a walker. I contacted the medical folks, finally, and they have an appointment for Susie on Friday afternoon. She is in terrible pain in her shoulder, likely from pushing the walker.

The day starts with me sleeping until about 4ish and then rolling over and getting going 6ish and making coffee. Once I have coffee, I write the blog while managing anything happening early at the shoe company. The big project missed its deadlines and is in the middle of a reset to new dates, and much of the pressure to run 7/24 is gone now; we are not going live in two weeks.

This lack of pressure and the fact I am still ramping up after having been on sabbatical means that the issues with Susie can be my focus.

I managed my first meetings, and then it was time to get Susie dressed. Susie could not get out of bed. I had to help her do that and carefully guard her as she moved on her feet. This is a change as Susie was able to get up and move without fear of falling.

We managed together to do the morning things and get Susie to her chair.

Susie was in terrible pain. So I popped out and got all those pads for muscle issues and a heating pad for her. I got her more painkillers (keeping to the safe use of Tylenol). This sort of helped.

I messaged the doctor, calls are useless as our doctor is out on vacation, and they called back; Susie is a special case, and we have a backup doctor appointment. I am hoping for some pain management as this appears to be more related to muscle and skeletal. It should have obvious answers.

Lunch and dinner I had delivered. I could not find the time or energy to make dinner or make some sandwiches. Pizza tonight included white pizza with chicken and bacon. Excellent.

I am out of my emergency inhalent. I called the RiteAid, and they told me their computers had been down for two days and could not fill my prescription. I did not have time to get back to another RiteAid with working systems to fill my medicine. It is not as scary as it sounds; the inhalent is not critical, but it was strange to hear that a RiteAid cannot get running in a day.

I switched Susie to the rolling seat walker, and she was going too fast in that one–kind of funny to see her zooming on the carpet. I could also see it was not as painful. I used it to move Susie to the bathroom all day. It is much more stable than the regular walker and more manageable for both of us. I think that helped.

We got to bed safely about 10:30ish, and Susie took her meds and went right to sleep. I am worried that the meds are also impacting her. Often these sleep meds have a hang-over for her. I will chat with the doc about them.

In the middle of this, I received an email that our pastor had resigned. Our church has been in conflict with the district and the pastor for some time. We were still surprised as all the reports were done, and a list of actions was being created. I wrote back a note expressing my grief.

I also managed to attend Theology Pub in which we agreed not to discuss the pastor’s resignation or other related issues. However, we did pray for the church and our now-former pastor. We talked in the Zoom meeting about Collin Powell’s funeral in which his son said there are two ways to describe people the Resume and the Eulogy. Collin Powell, his son said, did many great things, but he was also a great person, and he taught others to be good people (this is the eulogy list). Like was said at the funeral, we discussed how the resume contains the great things you did or things you hope to accomplish. Your eulogy is the list of human acts that people say made you a good person to know. We talked a lot about the tension between lists of accomplishments and things like helping the neighbors with their trash. The meeting being full of Methodists, we also slipped into a discussion on cooking and how we should all meet for a potluck. Methodist = Food.

In the morning, I put Ben Guild’s picture on Facebook to remember 11Nov1918. My grandfather’s brother fought in the Great War. After the war, my family (the other side) was also over-there to entertain the troops (YMCA did this before the USO). I have their photos from the first celebration of the end of the War in France, 1919 or 1920. The snaps are more than 100 years old now. I will try to find time to scan them and organize them some weekend.

Sorry if the blog writing is a bit chaotic. It was a chaotic day.

Sorry I did not get any pictures.

It is raining, even for Oregon, a lot. The water is everywhere and getting a bit deep in places.

It is good to be home, but home is not a ward in a hospital, and I could have used the nurses, aids, and docs on Thursday. So I will just keep going.

Stay safe and dry out there.

Here is my father’s favorite song he used to sing on a hard day: Good Times.

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