Story 13Nov2021: Improvements

I was up around 6ish again and slept better. I find that it takes a week sometimes to get the time change to change one hour. I was waking at 4 for a while and finally now at 5. Now, I can go back to sleep at 5, so the re-aliment to West Coast time has finally started. The fall-back clock change shortens the jetlag too.

I had a banana and coffee that I made. I did the usual thing of reading my emails, and I put the Nike computer away for the weekend. If I leave the Nike laptop open, I will start reading and doing work stuff instead of having a weekend. So I close it and move it off the table.

Susie was going about 8:45, which meant my shower and getting ready for a 9:30 haircut would not happen. I then helped Susie get going. She still could not get out of the bed. Her speech was better than the day before, but she still struggled to get words out and communicate.

Once Susie is moving, she can do things again. I asked Susie to say her numbers, and they were hard to understand, and she slurred over the number five.

With Susie dressed and having breakfast, I got dressed. Susie was much better after some food and water. However, she is still struggling to get words out.

Evan came over after some pickle-ball games. He helped me clean up the recycling and trash bags that had accumulated by the kitchen. Things look much better now.

Evan hung out with Susie while I folded the laundry. A mass of laundry had accumulated even before the trip to NYC, and, sadly, I had planned to finish it when I got back from NYC after a short trip. I managed to get it folded and at least ready to be put away in a laundry basket.

Evan and I popped off to get take-out lunch at the local teriyaki place just minutes away. Susie had a chicken bowl, Evan some noodles and shrimp, and me some shrimp and beef teriyaki.

Leta called to remind me that ice skating was on the Italy Grand Prix. Susie watched that with an intensity that made me happy.

Evan fell asleep in the chair and then borrowed the spare bedroom for a bit. I had emptied the suitcases and moved them off the bed. Yeah! Finally, not living still out of a suitcase. Which meant there was more laundry to do. So I continued on with the laundry battles.

I also managed a 30 min nap. Then, back to the laundry and helping Susie to get to the restroom. Each time she is more capable. I am hopeful.

I found my Phantom mask in the luggage while finally unpacking!

I found a fav movie we have not seen in a while, The 13th Warrior, which was made before The Game of Thrones or before Vikings were sexy on HBO. Seeing it again, it is clear that this movie, mostly forgotten, hints at the future styles. Evan and Susie watch that while I cook.

I get out some bone-in pork chops from the freezer–the best item I think Schwann’s sells. They are thin and do not need extra salt. I fry them in butter in the big metal pan. I add Herbs de Provence to the chops before I fry them. I like the herbs to be pressed into the side when they fry in butter.

Before starting the chops, I wash six large-ish carrots and place them in a glass dish. Sprinkle with salt and drizzle olive oil on them. Then, I bake them for 40 minutes (I think–I was not watching the clock), often turning to keep the caramelization from not happening on one side (meaning: don’t let them burn). This makes a more fall flavor instead of the regular steaming carrots.

I make stuffing out of a box; Stovetop Cornbread, using 1/4 stick of butter, I melt and get hot in a saucepan and set aside. Next, I use an electric teapot to get the hot water for the stuffing. Then, I dumped the packet into the butter, added the boiling water, stirred, and covered it.

We paused the movie, an old DVD we have had for years, and enjoyed dinner. We finished the film, and I always enjoy the show’s cheerful ending. I recommend The 13th Warrior.

Evan left as we put on the Svengoolie show, it was getting late. Today the show was presenting a genuinely awful movie this time, The Indestructible Man with Lon Cheny, Jr., I mainly looked at the hats, suits, and insanely revealing dresses used in the 1950s. The movie is like a telescope back into the 1950s moviemaking.

Susie decided it was time to head to bed, and so, I, not having any issue missing parts of the movie, helped Susie get to bed. She was able to do most of it on her own now. She also could say her numbers without slurring them. While still difficult, more words and sentences were working for her. I am hopeful.

I finally went to bed at 10:30ish, trying to get over the time change.


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