Story 14Nov2021: Frustrating

Sorry, I forgot to take some photos.

I started Sunday a bit later and was happy to get the extra hours of sleep. I seldom sleep until 8ish and never straight through, but I did get more sleep on Sunday. Despite having to lift Susie a few times, I also did not have any new pains that did not work themselves out in a few minutes. So it was a nice start. I wrote the blog in the morning.

Susie frustratingly was unable to walk this morning. She managed, with much help, to get out of bed and sit in her rolling seat walker. We then did everything needed, and I had to pick her up and place her in the chair in the living room.

Thusly, I was online for the church meeting, Zoom, that covers “Joys and Concerns.” Most of the time in the meeting was used to discuss the unexpected resignation of our Pastor Jefferson. I had to pop off to help Susie.

Susie needed some help, so I was late for the next church Zoom group meeting hosted by Joan. Our church is in conflict with the district, and there is a committee for that. Much of the time was used to discuss that. I resigned my membership in the Methodist Church after the anti-gay policy called The Traditional Plan was accepted by the General Conference. I give no money except for a few outreach programs, but I help cook and be helpful. Not being in church leadership anymore or a member prevents me, so far, from even reading the report. Sunday, I heard in the meeting that my work in the past had been called out as faulty, but later I was told that I misunderstood the discussion. It is frustrating.

Susie continued to need help all morning and into the afternoon, almost every 90 minutes. I turned down a quick chance to step out and have a beer. Today, I just continued on with laundry and a little housework.

I ordered the same lunch again from Red Robin. A small burger for Susie and a chicken breast plate for me. Before it arrived, I finally managed to get dressed. I had to help Susie a few more times.

Ice skating was on at 1PM, so we had that on. I rested a few times as my muscles are complaining a bit.

Susie did manage to get out of her chair without help once and did walk to the bathroom with her walker twice and even to the bedroom. That gave me hope and reduced my frustration.

Seeing our new limited, I did cancel Susie’s appointment with Zerida on Mondays as she cannot walk well enough to be safe with Zeriada and her driver. So I will wait until we have PT and other folks helping. That new help should be at least ordered on Monday.

I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Mariah and her little dog Ramone came by, and we watched Sunday Night Football. Kansas City crushed Las Vegas. Susie is always delighted to have visitors with pets.

Returning to dinner, the sauce was from a jar, and I baked all the meatballs left in the freezer in the oven. It was still a bit of a homey meal. Something to lessen the stress for me, something I can control. Corwin cleaned up the kitchen for me later.

I ended the night watching the new chaotic next Doctor Who episode. I liked it as it is the next chapter in a story. Doctor Who has returned to its original model of telling a story over multiple showings.

Susie went to bed after that at 9ish. Still a bit early, but it was a challenging workout for her getting up and down so many times on Sunday. I followed her to bed at 10:30ish.


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