Story 15Nov2021: Better

I am rushed a bit today so sorry if I left any typos.

Monday is my second Monday back to work. Next week Nike has given us the holiday week off. I started a bit early, still waking a few times, and forgot to set my radio to wake me. So I still was up at 6ish.

I started a rushed morning as I have Zoom status meetings all morning.

Susie was tired and did not want to get going in the early morning.

I finished all my meetings and got Susie her meds.

I finally got Susie going about 10:00ish, a bit late, and she is clearly not a morning person.

Susie was cleaned up and dressed. She still cannot get out of the bed without my help, and her initial steps are stiff and unsteady. Once she connects to her walker (the one with wheels and a seat) and gets around the old sharp and massive bed frame (thus the need for a hospital bed), she can walk. Susie leans to one side and sometimes puts too much weight on the walker, but I guard her the whole time.

Susie can dress herself this time. I do not have to hold her up and somehow dress her simultaneously (I need Spiderman powers for this new role). Susie can use her walker to get to her chair and sits down safely. This makes me hopeful.

Susie needs me to pull her out of the lovely leather chairs that are deep and comfy. Previously, she could get out of them. I will wait for a PT person to solve this, or Susie remembers how or gains the strength to do this.

I make Susie her fav, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese (medium sharp) and toast. A glass of milk is also welcome. I had a banana and coffee, so I slipped in a bit of egg and toast too.

Aside: Someday, I will have a non-stick pan for eggs. Corwin cleaned the kitchen last night for me, but the pan I used for the egg is soaking in cold water overnight.

I did put on the Bloomberg News for Susie, which interested her a bit (she did nod off in the afternoon). News is always good as it provides some exciting subjects here and there.

Susie watched TV for the afternoon. She also started back her usual meds and vitamins. The message in MyChart from the doc said to return to them. One med overlaps the other, so I will ask about that at Tuesday’s meeting with the doc.

For dinner was a fav, McDonald’s Happy meal (with apples), for Susie, and for me, a taco salad and a potato from Wendy’s. I like their chili, and a salad just works for me.

I managed a nap during the afternoon, and Susie and Corwin let me sleep part of the early evening as I was pretty tired.

Susie managed to stay up to 10:30ish and managed to change her clothing with me just guarding her. The PT folks in New York City said that Susie must be guarded, so I stayed with her.

Susie needs more Tylenol as the pain in her shoulder bothers her most when she tries to sleep. I have the other painkiller ready; it needs food and causes sleepiness if Susie gets more pain and Tylenol is not enough.

I did more laundry and have 1800GotJunk scheduled to help clear out well junk.

I ordered the groceries (forgetting to order bananas) and will have them delivered Tuesday night.

Pain in my right leg has returned. I suspected it was a reaction to the chair sitting and Zoom meetings at Nike. In NYC, the pain and stiffness went away. However, Monday night, it was pretty painful. I finally had to take some aspirin for it to stop hurting enough to sleep again at 4:30ish.

I am hopeful as it was not a great day, but there were slight improvements.

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