Story 16Nov2021: Doc

The morning started after a night of broken sleep. The pain in my leg woke me up a few times. I was able to manage it with Tylenol. It made the 6ish start hard.

I managed to start all the meetings and get dressed and all shiny for my first video status meeting. Which was at 7:35. It is a meeting between the USA and India-based development for data conversion software.

After that, I had a few more status meetings. I checked with Susie, and she was not ready to get going. I did get her the meds for the morning, and she took them.

Susie was stiff and half asleep still but finally started to move around 10:30ish, and we had a plodding walk to the bathroom. Susie was able to dress and started to wake up.

Susie could sit down more safely (not just dropping into the chair) in the living room after getting dressed. I then got her a breakfast of apple sauce, toast with jam, coffee, and milk.

The shoe company was quiet for me, and soon I had Susie up again and then dressed for outdoors. We used the wheelchair outdoors and got into Air Volvo.

We managed to get to the doc without incident. We spoke to the doctor for an hour, and he had to do the paperwork. We also did a blood draw for Susie that the lab managed on one tiny vein in Susie’s hand with one try. Various therapies and processes have now started–it all starts with your doc referring you.

It was past 4PM now. No lunch so far, and dinner time is just a bit away, and thus I decided to take Susie out. McMinneman’s Cedar Hills Pub is right there.

Susie had 1/2 a beer and me a full one. Evan called and was just around the corner, so he joined us. Susie had more than just me to talk to!

Susie ordered a burger with cheese and bacon that she ate just most of the burger and some of the bun and fries. I had a pasta item as it was Vodka sauce to see how their’s taste. Evan had a white pizza.

We had a nice break from the house. We returned home without issue. Again we switched between the wheelchair and then to the walker (rollator) in the house.

Susie was falling asleep in the chair at 9:30, so I got her in bed. I had done a load of laundry of soiled items so that I could have things ready. I am doing a load of laundry every day now. I managed to get to bed at 10ish, which is early for me, but I was tired.

My sleep was interrupted again by pain. I managed to use aspirin to stop the pain and then later Tylenol.

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