Story 17Nov2021: Not Better, Plans Go

This morning was not an improvement. Susie could not walk, and she has really failed to wake up to this day. She is half-asleep much of the day.

She could not walk this morning, so I had to carry Susie to a rollator and roll her to get some food and water. I then helped her dress, and Susie finally managed to walk with her rollator from the bathroom to the chair in the living room.

I had to do more laundry. I will remake the bed tonight. I may have Susie sleep on the other side of the bed to get to a wheelchair. We have some other options too that might work.

Work was a mix of Zoom meetings and me rushing to check on Susie. I managed to use GrubHub to order lunch. I had a gyro from Gyro House. Susie had her fav of a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal with apples.

While all of this was going on, I also scheduled Susie’s upcoming appointments. Susie has Physical Therapy at 10AM in Portland on Thursday (tomorrow). The Occupational Therapy is scheduled for January (!) with Susie on a waitlist for a sooner date. There is a dentist appointment next week too.

Jeff showed up at 1ish. He did all the work on the last bathroom, and we decided to remodel or refresh (as we are leaving the floor plan alone) the master bathroom. We are following the same plan as the last remodel. Jeff picks what he likes in gray colors as if it was his bathroom. He sent me pics of tile samples, and I agreed to them. Work will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving. Note, there will be more handles on the bathroom after he is done and a taller toilet.

Also, Jeff will make a few minor fixes to the main bathroom and power wash the deck (slippery with moss). We talked about some electrical updates as a follow-up job. Susie and I will have to move out of the master bedroom while the work is done. It will take a week (or more). It should be done way before Christmas.

Next, 1-800-Got-Junk trucks showed up. We cleared out part of the garage and some broken items that have accumulated at the house. The old day bed is gone, as is the junk on the deck and other aging items that have been slowly ruining in the garage. This is one of the things I wanted to do on my sabbatical.

Corwin is starting to clear out some of his stuff. But, again, we have been on Covid-19 bunker mode, a 1400 sqft house with people who buy too many things. It looks like Sears, a bookstore, and gaming store exploded. So tomorrow, I will move some board games to the cleared shelves in the garage. I also plan to take a lot of books to Good Will and other local booksellers. Sowly getting to our post Covid-19 house.

Dinner for Susie was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. I had a cheeseburger I ordered from McDonald’s at lunchtime (Corwin split it with me) and some clam chowder soup.

Susie is ending the evening watching an old western, For A Few Dollars More, while I am still doing a bit of housework.

I am hoping for a better day for Susie on Thursday.

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