Story 18Nov2021: ER

This story will better work going from the end to the start.

I got to sleep about 10ish. Susie was being carefully monitored in Good Samaritan Hospital room 361 (phone number is 503 413-881, but Susie can’t reach the phone). I had taken my meds and rewatched the last episode of Doctor Who (I never saw the ending) while having some mint chocolate chip ice cream with tea. I would have terrible dreams all night and awaken every hour or so thinking Susie was missing or needed help.

Before, I drove home from Portland in the usual pouring rain this winter and the surprised flooded street here and there. The new brakes and tires on Air Volvo made it a safe and effortless drive. No problem, except that McDonald’s shake machine was again broken when I stopped by. My navigation thinks that McDonald’s is part of the drive home from Portland and now directs me to turn into their entrance!

To drive home, I had to find Air Volvo and finding the car was complex. I had left later than I wanted as I had to meet the night nurses, so I was out much after 7:15ish. The sky bridges to get to the buildings that adjoined the parking garages led to locked doors. After all. I had to walk in the rain and found the car after three sky bridges, two locked exits, and two elevator rides.

I was worried that the car was in a nearly empty car garage. When I saw it first, I noticed that the window was gone, and at first, I thought I had been broken into. But, no, I had lowered the back window unknowingly when I got the parking ticket from the machine and left the window open all night and day. The car was not that wet inside (the winds must have blown the other direction). Everything was left alone in the car. I had a roll of paper towels and quickly wiped away some wet from the leather. The SUV is a Volvo, and it is used to wet.

Before this, I was ready to say goodbye to Susie last night when more nurses and meds descended on her. I just left as it was late, and she was in good hands. I was tired and needed to get home.

Susie was moved from the ER in the evening to stay at least overnight at Good Sam. She had endured MRI, CT scans, endless blood draws, and two IVs (the second one working). Doc said they would monitor her closely.

This morning, we were walked from Physical Therapy to the ER by our new PT person. Susie’s right side was weaker than the stroke-damaged left side. Susie’s condition was deteriorating, and she was not able to walk, and her ability to speak was impacted. She is both slurring and can’t find the words to say. The PT person did not want to proceed until Susie was checked out in ER and likely imaged.

The ER took Susie before many of the other folks and quickly had her on telemetry and began the usual endless tests. Susie was not happy to have blood draws, but the techs did well. The IV for the CT scan did fail, but the Doc Neurologist said there was no need to repeat the CT scan and got a whole more set of blood draws and an MRI done.

Oddly, I am getting the message when the test results are done on my phone and have read them before the Docs. I read and did not understand the MRI results as it does not cover new versus existing strokes. I will wait for the Doc Neurologist to cover this.

Returning to the early morning, we had a tough start as Susie again could not walk, and she was mainly like carrying a bag of 120 pounds of cooked noodles. I managed to get her safe and cleaned up, and dressed in the travel wheelchair. I grabbed a spare table box in the garage so Susie could have coffee and water by her. I got her toast with peanut butter with milk (this is her last meal today as she cannot eat or drink now).

Susie did manage after that to stand up and step out of the house using the walker outside until I carried the wheelchair over our heads and landed it behind her so she could sit down. Lucky it weighs less than 20 pounds, and the foot things are detachable.

Susie could get into the car with some help, and I carried her out of the car and put her in the walker in Portland as the curb makes it a leap.

I started at 6ish, and Susie wanted up at 7:00ish but waited for me to get dressed. My sleep was broken as the lights were on at 10%, and the radio was on to help Susie sleep. The light control and the radio are all Alexa controlled. Voice control makes this so much better.

I managed to do a few work items before having to get Susie going.

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