Story 19Nov2021: Hospital

I started Friday around 6ish, skipping the status Zoom meetings as I had to write the blog, and there were some medical items to read and understand. I did log on to work and read the emails, and planned my day. I put in Friday as a vacation day but did start my workday as usual.

I had a 1-on-1 with my boss Brad and did a Zoom with him. He told me to handle Susie first and for me to put in for family leave. He also asked if I could read some vendor patches if I needed a break. Vendor patches are like crossword puzzles for computers, and he knows I like doing them.

Jeff, who I hired to clean the sidewalk and decks with a powerwasher, was late, so I sent him a message we would have to meet up later. Jeff would clean the cement of moss, clean the deck of slippery stuff, and even cut the deck he built to let the tree that grows through it have more room. Jeff will powerwash and treat the roof for moss and clear the gutter for me on Monday. The Monday after that, he will start rebuilding the bathroom off of the master bedroom. This all started before Susie’s ER and hospitalization and I want to keep it going.

My drive and parking of Air Volvo were uneventful to Portland. I used the number 2 parking garage and the skywalk to the hospital. I was stopped by a gal who then called the nurse station, and I was officially approved as a support person and given the hard-to-get orange wrist band that gave me unlimited access to Susie. There are no visitors allowed, but a disabled person can have one support person.

Susie was in her room, 361, and had just been approved for pureed food and thick liquids. The stroke has impacted her ability to safely swallow, and her speech is difficult.

I read all the test results and knew the MRI results, but the docs showed and explained that Susie had another stroke and needed to keep her calm and lying flat to prevent another one. Susie, keeping up her record, has some unique challenges for the docs, and they will need to carefully review her chart, her past battles with cancer and figure out a safe treatment plan.

According to the docs, Susie can have another stroke anytime. So I contacted Susie’s mother and sister. They have changed their flights to Sunday. After a bit of wink-wink, I did have Susie’s mother and sister, Leta and Barb, officially added as support people and as my back-ups.

I helped Susie with her lunch which she ate just a bit. It was her first meal of blender-ed food.  I also am allowed to buy a lunch for $10, so I sat with Susie for lunch and had roast turkey with mashed for lunch.

Susie rested while I read labs and read stuff on the Internet to fill the time.

I did play, not too loud, Moulon Rouge soundtrack from the newish broadway play. We saw it in New York City for our first night in NYC. Susie finally fell asleep to the music. It is hard to sleep as there are so many hospital sounds of carts and other equipment banging. The soundtrack covered that, and Susie was asleep.

As usual, just as Susie looked very comfortable, the nurse showed with meds. Susie cannot swallow pills anymore, and so the tablets are crushed and put in apple sauce. They also check Susie that she is not showing any signs of a new stroke.

I chatted with the RN, and I headed out for dinner at the Red Onion again. They would help feed Susie. I have been given lessons that the bed must be flat except for food or water. For eating, Susie needs the bed raised (30%) and to keep her chin down and a pillow behind her to help her sit more straight. After that, she is to be put back to flatbed.

Susie can talk more in the later afternoon, and I could understand her better. When I returned from dinner, and she was tired, she was hard to understand.

I left after 7PM and returned home without issue via Air Volvo. David Smith dropped off flowers and a ballon for Susie. I will bring it in on Saturday, Susie’s 59th birthday. I chatted with David for a bit like a distraction, and he was polite and stood in the cold chatting. I managed to read and finally sleep before midnight.

I received a kind gift from the Most Rev and Lord of Sealand (and offical Time Lord) Steve Wolff. He sent me a non-stick pan to make more scrambled eggs for Susie. Excellent! It made me laugh!

I skipped over the hard emotions of the moment and some medical details. Forgive me for leaving a few moments out.

2 thoughts on “Story 19Nov2021: Hospital”

  1. Hi Michael,
    You’ve got to be physically and emotionally exhausted. Hopefully Susie will weather this. crisis also. God bless,
    Bob Routt


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