Story 22Nov2021: Susie Slowly Improves

The important stuff: Susan’s mother, sister, and I take turns sitting with Susie. She has improved but still has issues swallowing, and words do not come to Susie with ease. Susie’s lung issue has not improved, and a procedure was delayed until Tuesday to evaluate and help with the problem. This upset Susie that the procedure was put off. Let’s hope for Tuesday!

I started yesterday as usual at 6:30ish, finally getting going about 7ish, lazing in bed for a few minutes. Monday was is a dark and grey day with a mix of rain, Oregon Mist, and then more rain.

I managed coffee and toast with peanut butter so I could take my meds. My prescriptions are running out, so I and I called more in. I was surprised that I also had to get gas in Air Volvo as the trips back and force to Portland are more driving than I have done since the pandemic started!

I drove in light late-morning traffic on a Monday. I arrived at the parking garage and parked on the roof as it was stuffed full of cars. Then, I took over the sky bridge and got my orange bracelet. Susie was happy to see me. She reached for me and told me how glad she was to see me, and I held her hand for a bit.

Breakfast was not that interesting to Susie. The new nurse, named Barb, helped Susie eat. I will help Susie eat, but I am worried about her aspirating, so I have stepped back a bit from feeding her. Susie ate some of it.

I ordered lunch for Susie and a tray for me. For $10, you can get a tray for yourself. Roast turkey and a salad again; it was good last time. I try to not explore a hospital menu and stay with something good.

The doctors, new ones, came by and checked Susie’s lung sounds again. Then, they explained the procedure they wanted. Susie was not happy about it but agreed.

Susie is tired of painful blood draws, and procedures that will likely hurt are not something she wants to do. So I cannot blame her for wanting to just sleep and be left alone.

Leta and Barb came about 1ish. Susie and I had both finished our lunch. Barb, the nurse, helped Susie and got her to eat more. Pureed food is hard to enjoy. I dined with Susie in the room. Then, Leta replaced me, and I left to drive Barb around Portland.

Barb went to the US Outdoors store, Keen’s showcase store, and Powell’s Books main store in the Pearl District. We walked quite a distance which is good as we could use some exercise.

Barb then replaced Leta and I took Leta home with me. We had to get a medical item delivered to the house. The one Leta had taken with her was not working; Barb ordered a replacement delivered by Amazon to the Volvo Cave. We rested and hung out at the house while Leta read the instructions.

Barb left Susie about 6:30ish. Susie had slept the afternoon and was not happy to be awakened for a pill and then for a dinner tray. Susie did eat some of her pureed food.

We had dinner at the local Mexican place, Mazatlan Grill – Aloha, and had a light meal.

Susie and Leta headed out, Leta now using Susie’s cane with the four feet (Susie never used it), and I headed to Safeway. I bought some food for a small (tiny) thanksgiving turkey and very easy sides.

At Safeway, I saw my Iraqi friend at check out. He works hard as a checker at Safeway to make a living in the USA and has missed me. I tell him about Susie and our challenges and he wishes me a good holiday. I donate $10 to someone else’s thanksgiving. It was good to see him.

I am exhausted when I get home and fall asleep after watching the last Doctor Who episode. Doctor Who episode has the dread Weeping Angles and it is scary. Sleep is broken and I have to put on the light. The books falling to the floor did not help me find my calm, but I manage, after a few waking moments, to sleep and even turn off the light.





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