Story 23Nov2021: Family

Sorry, this is a bit later; I slept in on Wednesday.

I started with the knowledge that Susie had an invasive procedure today, and the traffic in Beaverton on a Tuesday was more than I planned for. I was at the hospital to find Susie, barely able to speak, in pain, and exhausted.

A chest tube trained her lungs area was put in.

I helped get more pain management and helped Susie’s hand for most of the morning. After that, the nurse helped get more pain management.

Susie was able to come off of oxygen, and thus the drain worked. A chest X-ray confirmed that Susie’s lungs were clearing. More tests and more labs will be required before they can determine the next step.

Barb and Leta came, and Barb, Susie’s sister, took my place with her own orange bracelet and stayed with Susie the whole day.

Barb was there when more pain killers were given and Susie was much more comfortable.

I found lunch while Leta read a new book; Barb and Leta had been to Powell’s Cedar Mills and picked up a newly published book while I ate some food. Panda Express was a confused and somewhat insane place. I am not sure what was wrong, but it took me twenty minutes to get lunch to-go. There appeared to be many people who had never ordered from there before (you pick a main and a side or two mains).

Next, Nike’s Beaverton Employee Store (BES) was on our list. Leta picked out some nice running shoes (mainly for the look and feel), and I found some new Airforce Ones. It was busy with many unmasked kids and folks who refused to wear makes over their noses. Not likely, I will be back. I have avoided BES throughout the pandemic, and I was right to believe that its leadership would not ensure my safety.

Back to work on 10Jan2022 is causing a lot of concern for Nike employees. If we can’t keep the BES safe, I am not sure what to expect in January.

After that, I drove the short distance to Techtronix’s old building 58 (and former IT building used by Nike). I had my booster shot for Moderna, thinking I would stick to familiar side-effects and explore a mix-and-match process. A friendly group of EMTs provided for me, and in less than 30 minutes, I was done.

I headed home and took a nap while Leta stayed at the house and read.

Dinner was about 7ish, after waiting for a table, at the Lake Owego Grill at Cedar Mills. Mariah joined us, and we had some excellent food (slightly higher priced for Beaverton). The place is owned by the same person how runs Stanford’s, and the menu is a close match.

I was drained after that. I did still stop by Powell’s to look for a book. I quickly found one and drove Air Volvo back home. I fell asleep while trying to read.

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