Story 24Nov2021: Options

The night was hard to sleep as I was listening for the phone to ring. But, no emergencies call, and I started at 8ish. I made new coffee with the slight guilt of throwing away coffee from the day before. I was not on the morning shift with Susie. Leta and Bard headed to Portland and to see Susie at the hospital.

I had my third shot of Moderna and felt like I had joined a fight club and drank too much. It was a hard start.

To make things complex, my blood pressure med was refilled in New York City. So the doc office and I spent the whole day going back and forth trying to get the Rx filled here.

I tried to rest and reduce the discomfort of the booster.

I got to the hospital and replaced Leta. Barb and Leta headed for lunch in Beaverton, searching for Tyme Soup Company (the joint went under from the pandemic, but the Internet shows it is still there and highly rated). Finally, they settled for a noodle place and chicken noodle soup.

Susie is still sleepy (pain killers) but sounds better, and PT said she did better once they put her shoes on. The hospital floor, linoleum, is slippery, and the right foot keeps slipping when Susie tries to stand or move. MJ from OT reported that Susie is weaker than before, and Acute Rehab is not a good choice.

I spoke to the Case Manager, Michelle, and I was not very happy. Instead of the RIO program in the hospital, they want to move Susie to a nursing home once she is stable. I let them know that I did not think that was in Susie’s best interest. Nonetheless, we picked a set of possible nursing homes in our local area. This includes one Susie stayed before. I also called the Case Manager later and shocked her by asking that she also acquire any additional rules for the nursing home. The last one Susie stayed at for a month had very annoying laundry rules, and I would prefer to be better prepared this time.

Susie heard this discussion and is now very motivated to eat and drink and get better faster. She would prefer, I am sure, the RIO program. We still have time to change to the RIO if Susie gets stronger.

Aside: The chest tube and the painkillers set Susie back. So it is double frustrating as the treatment to restore her left lung is making her weaker.

Barb left Leta in the hotel room and replaced me. I had chills and felt like I must have slept rough (outside) after the party that my body was having with Moderna. So I drove Air Volvo home with the seat warmer on and the heat blowing max.

I laid down and read and finally slept just long enough to be unsteady when I got going again.

Back into Air Volvo, we (Leta, Barb, and I) met Wayne and Ann for dinner at Sharri, and most of us had breakfast for dinner. I went with steak and eggs, and I felt like I had a hangover. But, it was a cheerful ending to our day.

I slept poorly as Moderna wanted to party some more, and I had too many iced teas with dinner.

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  1. Hang in there, Mike! I have two friends who have stayed at Robison Re-hab. They’ve been very pleased with the OT and PT services. p


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