Story 01Dec2021: Another Boring Day

The morning started at about 6:30, with my alarm working for me this time. I had the phone under my pillow. This works. I was determined not to be late and spoke to the docs today. I also had to start handling the paperwork side of my leave at the shoe company. I have to print and have forms filled out and returned. The company that runs this for Nike does have the ability to accept scans, but that means one scan per page, and the processors do not seem to act any faster when I just snail mail the documents to them. This was my previous experience.

I read my email, made coffee, and then wrote the blog. I had to handle some bills and various house issues this morning too. I was, as usual, rushing. I ended up eating toast in the car as I drove into Portland.

I could not find stamps! So I bought a stamp and stamps at the Aloha Post Office on my way to Portland in Air Volvo. The first documents are on their way to the leave approving people.

The parking garage was full. This takes a while to figure out, as you can imagine. The sign showed in lovely calm green lights that it was “OPEN,” but that was not really true. As I exited as a gal in a reflective vest asked me if it was full up, I suspect the gal was in charge of the sign. Unlike in newer parking structures, this one did not have the automation to know how many slots were taken.

I drove over to garage 3, and it was nearly empty. How strange.

This made me late. Susie was sitting in bed, she had just had OT and PT, and they had moved her back to the bed. The OT and PT people worked together with Susie (she requires two people for safety–them and her’s) and told me that Susie was trying very hard as they left. However, she is not able to stand.

Susie had only some of her breakfast. As this is an educational hospital, the docs were unavailable as it was an academic day. Still, the primary doc would talk to me in the afternoon when she was free of the academic stuff.

Susie and I agreed a movie was a good idea. Beauty and the Beast, the live version, was selected, and I was surprised that I had not seen it before. The movie must have slipped through the cracks as I seldom miss a musical. Emma Thomson surprised me by playing Mrs. Potts and singing the main songs–I did not know she sang that well.

Lunch came, and it was just a few items. Susie ate most of her soup and much of the other things. I kept pushing, “just one more.” Susie was pleased to finish much of her lunch. We took a few breaks to spread out the food consumption, and the movie was put on hold when eating. Susie is easily distracted.

Thin liquids still get a cough once in a while. The speech person came by, worked with Susie, and decided that Susie could be promoted to the next level of puree. One item can be ordered slightly less pureed. A small step, but we are going in the right direction.

We finished the movie. The doc came and let us know that Susie is on hold for leaving for a bit. They are backing off some IV fluids and have changed some meds for blood thinning. The doc wants to see that these changes are positive, and thus Susie will remain at Legacy Good Samaritan room 361 a few more days and likely through the weekend.

I tried out the cafeteria when Susie took a nap. I had the veggie chili and a Greek-style pasta salad. I have a colonoscopy on Friday, so I am trying to stick to simple items. I avoid public spaces in hospitals for obvious reasons, but I had limited time and wanted to learn the cafeteria process in case I am stuck there one day.

Today I left early as I had to shop for clear liquids for the adventure starting on Thursday. The trip home included much more traffic; leaving Portland early comes with traffic, but it was an uneventful trip. I stopped by Safeway; everyone was wearing masks and keeping distance, and I bought chicken broth and drinks.

Corwin was home, and I ordered chips and cheese and potato skins (shared with Corwin) from BJ’s delivered. Corwin’s new hard drive for his laptop arrived, and I got a cable for him to create a bootable USB drive for Windows. I have spare external drives for things like this. I plan to enjoy the drive replacement while experiencing the deep impacts of the clearing process for the colonoscopy on Thursday. We then watched Dare Devil, a newish series on cable-based in the Marvel Universe. It is a low-budget show, but the camera work makes up for some of that. As Corwin pointed out a few times, the old-fashioned make-up and simple effects work well. They do, and the show clearly does not use computer graphics (CG); the shadows are not perfect, and there are lots of close-up effects. I managed three episodes.

I forgot to take pics today. So instead, I will cover some roses.

Like the other roses, Mister Lincoln, a tea rose, is running in slow motion due to the reduced light conditions of the Pacific Northwest fall. This bud has been trying to bloom for more than a week.

The China Rose, continuously blooming, is putting out small but bright pink flowers.

The painted rose, Picasso, is still blooming in slow motion and looks like a painting that has been drenched in brush cleaner.

I managed to stay awake to about 10ish.

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