Story 02Dec2021: Home

I awoke about 6:30 and rolled over, and woke at 8:30. Today was prep day for my colonoscopy on Friday. I will skip those details, but I am up all night for that.

Today, Anne Weld-Martin took my place at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital room 361 in Portland. I spent a bit of the morning on chores that were lagging at the house. I also delivered the documents to our doc for my leave request with the shoe company.

I decided to watch my collection of Poirot DVDs from the original series that started on PBS when I was in college. So I started with number 1.

Corwin’s laptop is not working well. I removed the hard drive and replaced it with a new one. We then spent the morning trying to get the machine to boot to rebuild the OS. Unfortunately, we could not get it to reboot from the recovery USB drive. Will try to put the old drive back and start over again.

Jeff, who was surprised to have me home today, made a lot of progress on remodeling the bathroom today. We also agreed to put in a power plug outside. The wall outside is behind the shower, so it can be done now. So finally, I will have a plug for Christmas lights!

I spoke to Anne and Susie at the hospital. Anne thought Susie was doing much better and had a conversation with Susie. Susie’s speech is better–I could hear the difference on the phone.

The case manager, Michelle, called me at home; she has found a care facility that will take Susie. Details are still to follow. Timing is not known at this time, but soon.

I am up all night to do the prep, and my appointment is at 7:15 in Portland at the Legacy Medical Building across from the hospital housing Susie.

Sorry, but it will be a short write-up as I mostly do prep today. It is hard to write.


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