Story 04Dec2021: Tired

This morning 6:30 came sooner than I wanted it. I awoke and discovered it was time to start. I did the usual things like make coffee and toast with peanut butter. I also had one of Susie’s strawberry yogurts.

I wrote a daily blog that included my cancer diagnosis. That took some time to write, and there was a lot of reaction to the news. I am moved by all the kind messages I received. Thank you!

I was rushed and finally made it to Susie’s room after 10 AM. I did spend some time chatting with Bill Butler, mostly on what is wrong with DC films and how Marvel seems to have been confused of late.

Susie was as happy to see me. It is the first time in more than six weeks that I have not been with her every day. Susie was doing even better than the last time I saw her. Her voice is coming back and her communication, while still halting, is easier to understand.

Susie showing a bit of shoulder today.

Susie ordered spaghetti for lunch (!?) and soup. I ordered a tray for myself for $10 to eat with Susie in the room.

We chatted about the house remodels, and I covered my cancer issues. Susie is very worried and upset.

Lunch came, and I helped somehow helped feed spaghetti to Susie. This requires Susie to chew and move the food around in her mouth. This is something her pureed diet does not require. Susie stopped about every ten minutes to rest. I would then go eat in front of her, which would convince her to try again. This process continued for ninety minutes until Susie was tired out and needed a nap.

I, too, was too tired to go on and drove home and just sat and relaxed. I am still tired from yesterday’s colonoscopy and prep for the same.

Mariah called, and I found the strength to join her for a lovely dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse. I had the prime rib to celebrate eating again. This with my favorite beer and then coffee.

Sorry that this is short today, but it is hard to write. I have a strange headache and need to stop writing for a bit.

I will likely head to sleep soon.

But as it is the holidays, I thought we could go with this: Carols of the Bell.


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