Story 05Dec2021: Short day

I managed to sleep but woke tired. I had written the blog the night before as I had a haircut at 9 with Zeriada, and Mariah wanted to borrow the Volvo for the day to move some items. So rushed but without having to write.

I received a text from Mariah that it was icy in Forest Grove, so the car switch was off. So one of the reasons for rushing was gone.

Off to Zeriada, who I have not seen since before the trip to New York City in October, for a haircut, I finally lose that mad scientist look or the Covid hairstyle as it is also called. Zeriada and I had a pleasant visit.

I then drive to the hospital in Air Volvo and arrive about on time, 10ish. I am so fatigued the walking is even hard, but I make it there, and Francine, today’s nurse, has Susie in a chair. Susie sounds better, but the nurse tells me she slept poorly.

Francine gets Susie back into bed, and we chat a bit. Susie can see I am tired and tells me to get some rest. The PT people then pop Susie out of bed and then back into bed.

The nurses ask me about my health as I know most of them now after serving as Susie’s nurse. They are all reassuring about the cancer diagnoses for me.

Susie nods off before lunch arrives, and I decide that it will be just a few hours today as I just too tired to be of much help.

Air Volvo gets me back home without much effort. I stop by Wendy’s and get a simple burger with fries and chili. Then, I make a chili burger at home. After that, I try to watch the Marvel movie Captain Marvel, but I just need to sleep after lunch.

I sleep off and on until 5ish and then get up and eat my Gyro leftover from the day before. It is still good, and the microwave did not ruin it.

I had sent a book by Eric Cline to David Smith last week and suddenly felt like watching some lectures. I was tired and did not want to do much more than sit and watch.

Eric Cline is an archeologist (now retired) that dug for years at Meggido and other sites in the Middle East. I enjoy his books, and his lectures are available and just fun to watch. Eric Cline is the kind of archeologist that needs actual proof, like a text found in the dig, before saying something likely true; otherwise, it is a theory, and it needs lots of support and will remain a theory that could change with new evidence. His lectures cover vast amounts of bronze age history, and he tries to have conclusions. I recommend them; I watched two lectures.

Lastly, I watched the next episode of Doctor Who’s new season and the last of the Flux storyline. Again, this is a continual story, and I like them using the old classic Doctor Who model of a multi-episode storyline with universe-threatening mad persons. But I thought the ending a bit lame and will have to watch it again to see if I missed something. It reminded me of the Three Doctor classic storyline.

The Smiths (plus Jason) sent me pics of them in New York City. After watching a show (Lion King) and having some cheesecake (at Junior’s), they thought of me. I do miss NYC.

I went to sleep after that and woke often had I had slept in the afternoon but finally drifted off.




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