Story 06Dec2021: Short Day with CT scan

I managed to sleep most of the night, but 6:30 always comes unexpectedly. I often wake before my alarm, look at the time, and fall asleep seconds before the alarm goes off. I managed to do that on Monday morning.

I do the usual morning things and write the next blog. I am not rushed as much as the blog was shorter. I am still working when Jeff Ashley shows and starts back in the bathroom. He will manage to tile the back wall of the shower on Monday.

I drive Air Volvo in, and the traffic is enough that I decided to take the Providence Park exit and skip the tunnel. I forgot to use the busy parking garage, and park in what is likely the last spot left on the roof and in the rain.

Today it is a gray raining day. The Oregon mist has increased now to light rain. This will continue for the next six months with possible breaks for snow and ice storms. Last year we had the second year of the end of the rains in May. That is the first time in my 25 years here that the rains stopped that early. Before, the gray might extend through the summer. But the rains would stop on the week of July 4th. They never before ended early.

Susie was feeling better but was worried about me. She understands that I have colon cancer. I am also still fatigued and pass on feeding Susie as it requires me to stand for hours. The nurses are OK with that knowing about my situation.

Susie is delivered a gift and card from the Nike Core ERP team, my group. Susie has a stuffed animal dog now to hold on to.

I talked to Michelle, the case manager, and Susie is headed to Forest Grove Rehab Center. Susie will be transported there on Tuesday if all the paperwork can be done soon.

This is, of course, a problem as I have my appointment in Portland, not Forest Grove, on Tuesday with the surgeon to talk about the solution to my cancer diagnosis. Tuesday will be a crazy day if Susie moves to Forst Grove while I have to stay in Portland for a medical appointment.

Mariah is excited as she lives in Forst Grove and can help.

I have Tom Yum soup at the Red Onion Thai place for lunch. I like their food, and I have learned the path through the garden past ER to get there, avoiding walking around the hospital. The garden looked so happy in the rain. I took a photo. Yes, after you live her twenty-five years, you like wet and gray.

Susie listens to 1980s music most of the day and drinks a lot of her chocolate shake. The coughing she is prone to does not happen this time. Better!

I leave Susie around 4ish and head to my CT scan. I had one at the end of September and was not expecting another one so soon. I do the same ritual, and it takes minutes.

I drive home in traffic and reach home to see Jeff finishing up his day. I tell him I have cancer, and he will likely need to complete the work on the bathroom with less oversight, he has almost none now, and he is OK with that.

I order Mexican food delivered and eat that while watching the international news on Public TV. My condition does not preclude me from eating anything so far.

The rework of the old Dungeons and Dragons adventure, Tegel Manor, was delivered today (it was 50% off for Black Friday). This is one of the original adventures from old D&D in 1977, and I still have a copy of the original. The folks at The Frog God Games had worked with the original author (gone now) and produced a new version that finally got published using the 5th Edition version of Dungeons and Dragons Open License (called SRD 5E).

From a typed pamphlet and a huge map and a blank map for the player, it is now a hardcover entirely in color with printed color maps. It is an inch thick! There are whole sections of specifications on monsters and all the unique items for Tegal Manor. It still keeps, and I am a bit disappointed by this; all the text for the Judge and no flavor text to be read (DM is a term that came into use after this was initially published). The Judge needs to read and then make up the explanation for the players. This is old school and can slow play as folks wait for the Judge to read and explain. Also, the authors of Tegal Manor had no problem breaking the rules, such as handing out powerful items, but that was some of the fun. Can you get that +2 Battle Axe out of the house before something takes it from you?

I read that and talked to the Smiths in New York for a bit. I have to put down the book and fall asleep a few times. Of course, I dream of wandering some strange places…

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